Trauma Transcendence & Sound Healing

Sound * Energy * TRANCEformation

It's time for a NEW EARTH model of trauma healing  

Dr.Gabor Maté, Faculty
phil jacobs
Dr. Miles Neale /
Buddhist Psychotherapist & Ceremony Assistant
Dr.Stacy Thomas, guest
Karen Day Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy Training 2

Become a Trauma Transcendence Coach


  • Blend QUANTUM FIELD THEORIES With Conventional Trauma-Informed Therapy and Coaching


  • Delve into a comprehensive MIND-BODY-SPIRIT framework for trauma coaching and counselling


  • Discover how to merge your own UNIQUE HEALING SIGNATURE into the trauma work you do


  • Explore the neurobiology of trauma treatment within a 5-D FRAMEWORK for consciousness-shifting


  • Work with your 1:1 assigned Clinical Mentor to design your own CUSTOM-MADE PROGRAM (choose as many or as little program components as you wish) in trauma transcendence


  • Join ONLINE AND/OR IN-PERSON gatherings to meet with colleagues who view their trauma work as a sacred service toward the new earth and a planetary evolution of consciousness

Your Certification Program Includes....

(All below modules are OPTIONAL for each student)

Sound Therapist Practitioner Program

A 100 CE Sound Therapist Practitioner Program provides you with an immersion experience into the powerful trauma medicine of energy, frequency and vibration -- essential components of the quantum healer's tool-box.

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Clinical Hypnotherapy Training

You'll also receive OPTIONAL certification in foundational AND mastery level Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy, with an enhanced focus on trauma transcendence.

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Trauma Transcendence Coaching

A 4-day Trauma Transcendence Coach certificate program is available for all students during their program intensive.

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Trauma Transcendence Conference

Join us in Sedona in December 2022 for our Trauma Transcendence & Psychotherapy Conference!

Details Coming Soon

Program Calendar 2022

Trauma Transcendence & Sound Healing Program

You have access to as much (or as little) of the content below as you wish. See FAQ section for your minimum certification requirements.

Available ONLINE immediately - Sound Therapy for trauma treatment 

As soon as you sign up for this program, you are provided with access to 40 hours of online classes for your SOUND THERAPY CERTIFICATION.

You can complete these classes at your own pace, and you will be assigned to a clinical mentor for 1:1 support as you go through the material.  You'll also be immediately connected to a small community check-in group to assist you on your sound healing intensive.

Faculty: Phil Jacobs (lead faculty), Dr. Gabor Maté and Dr. Miles Neale


Available ONLINE immediately - Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy for Trauma Treatment 

As soon as you sign up for this program, you are provided with access to a 100 CE certification in trauma-informed CLINICAL COUNSELLING HYPNOTHERAPY.

You can complete these classes at your own pace, and you will be assigned to a clinical mentor for 1:1 support as you go through the material.  You'll also be immediately connected to a bi-monthly community check-in group to assist you in applications for clinical hypnotherapy in trauma work.

Faculty: Karen Day


SEPTEMBER 14th - 17th, 2022 - Mastery Level Hypnotherapist Training - Quantum Trauma Treatment

Time:  4-day Immersive training (full days)


Details: Master level/advanced training for Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapists; sound therapy and quantum trauma treatment built into curriculum.

Note: Those not able to attend in-person will be given access to online content for completion of mastery/advanced hypnotherapy training, if desired

Faculty: Karen Day, with guest faculty input


SEPTEMBER  22nd - 25th, 2022 - Trauma Transcendence Coach Certification / The Mystic's Path

Time:  4-day Immersive training (full days)


Details:  Quantum trauma treatment built into curriculum, including focus on past lives, parallel lives, timelines and trauma-consciousness shifting.  Topics also include plant medicine and trance experiences within integration and healing work, alongside conventional trauma work and sound therapy.

Note: Those not able to attend in-person will be given access to recordings of the event for online completion of learning

Faculty: Karen Day, with guest faculty, including: Dr. Stacy Thomas


JULY - DECEMBER, 2022 -- Integration and Case Studies

During this time, you will have access to your assigned mentor for assistance with your self-directed completion of case studies and capstone project. Facilitator-enhanced networking activities within your neighbourhood and virtual support quadrants will take place over summer and fall.  This is your opportunity to be guided into creative collaborations, 5-D commUNITY-building and conscious light-worker creations.


DECEMBER 9th & 10th, 2022 - Trauma Transcendence Conference

Time:  2 full-days event


Details:  Our year-end celebration of all our wonderful work in trauma transcendence!

Note: This event will be livestreamed for those who cannot attend in person.



2023 - Final Completion of Certification Requirements

During this time, you will have access to your assigned coaching mentor for assistance with your self-directed completion of case studies and capstone project.  You have up to 1 year from time of start-up to complete all program requirements.

Core Certifications & Lead Faculty

You have the option for one OR more of these CORE certifications

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy Certification and sound healing elements are woven into every aspect of this Trauma Transcendence program. 

Your programming includes an optional 100 CE Sound Therapist certification.  Following your  40 hour foundational online training (self-directed pace), you will complete the remainder of the program in consultation with your assigned 1:1 mentor, according to your own schedule and unique programming needs.  You'll be guided, both in small groups and with your mentor, through the completion of case studies and a personal sound healing capstone project. You have up to one year from your time of registration to complete the full certification -- most complete all requirements within 2-3 months.


Registrants will learn how to:

  • Draw upon a wide range of techniques to facilitate sound healing, including: crystal bowls, singing bowls and sound baths; drums and chimes; voice work and toning activations; and breathwork with mantras.  You are NOT required to have any of these tools available during the training, and you'll be extensively coached on various options (from high-cost to low-cost, and based on your own spaces, needs and capacity), for setting up your very own sound healing studio or treatment alternatives.
  • Apply titrated and customized sound healing programming based on presenting issues, with a focus on PTSD, trauma, addictions, and anxiety 
  • Incorporate both ancient and modern systems for this holistic form of therapy including: acu-pressure techniques, Qi-Gong and the full integration of organ system toning
  • Activate a 5-point protocol building on the fundamentals of harmonics, frequencies and energy centres
  • Assist clients in co-morbid pain management and core stabilization through targeted sound therapy practices
  • Work with both groups and individuals in applications of sound healing, including therapeutic voicescape empowerment
  • Assess the how/where/when/how much of this powerful modality as a parallel process to psychotherapy
  • Delve into trauma transcendence coaching with your sound therapy clients while honouring the neurobiology of trauma medicine



Your lead faculty is Philip Jacobs, Integrative Vibrational Therapist & Sound Healer

Philip Jacobs is a sound healer and vibrational therapist, and retired Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and acupuncturist based in Toronto. He has been using vibroacoustic therapy (VAT) and song for over 25 years and in his private practice for mental health, addictions and chronic illness.

Read more about Phil hereToronto Sound Therapy 

Sign up for ONLY Sound Therapy Certification - Click Here

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Students can join in foundational AND advanced streams of Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist (C.Hyp™) Certifications. 

These hypnotherapy modules will be offered both online and in-person.  If you cannot attend the in-person events, class recordings of content will be provided.

If you choose to attend in person:  Following your 5-day foundational training in April, an advanced/mastery intensive is offered in May, in the Toronto area.  Following one or both of these 5-day immersive experiences, you will then complete the remainder of programming at a self-directed pace to include flexibly scheduled mentorship, case studies, and 1:1 consultations with your instructor.  You have up to one year to complete the full hypnotherapy certifications -- most complete all requirements within 3-6 months.


Registrants will learn how to:

  • Utilize trauma-­informed best practice interventions in Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy
  • Integrate Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy with approaches you may be using now, such as: CBT, mindfulness, EMDR, IFS and solution-focused
  • Offer trauma clients phased hypnotic protocols for issues of anxiety, panic and OCD based on an integrative treatment model
  • Co-create powerful individualized trance experiences for clients, from a trauma-based framework in counselling and coaching
  • Assist clients through research-backed hypnotic techniques including: age regression, core belief work and parts /ego state therapy
  • Provide hypnosis­-informed programming for pain management, habits and addictions
  • Incorporate Ericksonian methodology and Jungian perspectives into psychotherapy
  • Integrate energy medicine and psycho-spiritual healing with evidence-based approaches to clinical practice
  • Practice Trance-Based Mindfulness Interventions in trauma work
  • Deliver both individual and group trance-based experiential treatment
  • Assess the how/where/when/how much of this powerful modality as an intergrative process in trauma treatment
  • Delve into trauma transcendence coaching with your hypnotherapy clients while honouring the neurobiology of trauma medicine



Your lead faculty is Karen Day, RSW, C.Hyp

Karen is the President of Daybreak Therapy and Training, and founder of the international Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist (C.Hyp) Certificate program.  She also maintains a private clinical practice, specializing in mind-body-spirit psychotherapy.


Read More about Karen and the full Program HERE



Meet Our Special Guest Faculty

Dr. Gabor Maté, guest
Dr. Gabor Maté, guest
Dr. Miles Neale /
Buddhist Psychotherapist & Ceremony Assistant
Dr. Miles Neale / Buddhist Psychotherapist & Ceremony Assistant
Dr.Stacy Thomas, guest
Dr.Stacy Thomas, guest

We are happy to be working with a multi-disciplinary team of movers and shakers in the fields of both consciousness-shifting and psychotherapy.  Our guest lecturers include:


Dr.Gabor Maté -- guest faculty within the Sound Therapy certification process. Dr. Maté is a world-renowned trauma expert.

Dr. Miles Neale -- guest lecturer within the Sound Therapy certification program.  Dr. Neale is a leader in contemplative psychotherapy.

Dr. Stacy Thomas -- mentorship faculty throughout the Trauma Transcendence Coach process.  Dr. Thomas is the CEO of the Growing Forward Soul School.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although the focus of this entire program is upon trauma transcendence coaching within Psychotherapy, we welcome ALL who feel called to this work.  Together, each one of us has a role to play in building a NEW EARTH model for trauma care  -- one that is built on LOVE; one that celebrates the human spirit; one that normalizes the transcendent and spiritual journeys when they look messy; one that de-pathologizes traumatic expressions of the hero's journey and ultimately, serves in the beautiful awakening (because isn't it about time?) and expansion of planetary consciousness.  

Daybreak Therapy and Training is approved for CE credits by many professional organizations including: the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA).  Our training has also been approved for reimbursed PD hours by the Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW) and meets continuing competency / CEU requirements of a number of counselling associations, organizations and regulatory bodies for psychotherapy professionals including the CRPO and OCSWSSW.  

If you need to cancel (for any reason), you will be provided with a voucher to join in any Daybreak training or event anywhere in the world anytime (but no cash refunds will be given). We are a tiny, community-based collective fuelled purely by the intentions and amazing creatrix magic of a small group of therapy practitioners.

Thank you so much for your support of Daybreak Therapy and Training.  We do honestly depend completely on your loving donations and innerstanding on this policy which allows us to in turn provide an expression venue and fair wage platform to all of our world-changing, consciousness-shifting teachers, healers and consultants who live true to their soul callings.  

No.  All class content and all modules will be available online for life.  All in-person trainings (including the year-end conference) will be either livestreamed or recorded for later viewing by our student community. You have lifetime access to all recordings.

You can mix and match various aspects of this Trauma Transcendence one-year intensive. For example, one student may wish to go through the Sound Therapy Practitioner certification and also attend the Sedona year-end Conference, while attending only half of the June Trauma Transcendence Coach classes, and then skip the hypnotherapy modules/certifications altogether.  Another student might complete the foundational and master-level Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy certifications, attend only half the Sound Therapy classes for personal interest, and then skip over all other program modules.

It's all up to you -- your assigned mentor can assist you in designing a learning program that works best for your goals.

If you would like to purchase ONLY the Sound Therapy certification, you can click here.

If you would like to purchase ONLY the Hypnotherapy certification, you can click here.

How much or how little of the entire program you use is up to you....but we hope you'll be an active member of our NEW EARTH network of people changing the world from one constructed upon trauma programming to one based on love, unity, true sovereignty and inner peace.

You are still welcome to join us for all of our in-person and online events in Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy and Sound Therapy (regardless of your previous training).  You may not be interested in all the certification components, but you might enjoy dropping in for the community interaction, new learning, specialty topics and clinical mentorship in quantum-informed trauma treatment.

This Trauma Transcendence Coach certification program includes THREE separate (and optional) certificate designations:

  1. Sound Therapist Practitioner: To receive this certification, you will need to complete all modules, case studies and capstone project related to the Sound Therapy components of your 1-year intensive
  2. Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist - Foundational and Advanced trainings: To receive the foundational and/or master level certifications in hypnotherapy, you will need to complete all modules and case studies related to the Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy program components, and you'll need to also show evidence of a degree in a counselling related field (or equivalency)
  3. Trauma Transcendence Coach: To receive the Trauma Transcendence Coach certificate, you'll need to complete at least ONE of the core certifications (listed above) PLUS the June 2022 Trauma Transcendence Coach training (online or in-person option).

No.  All certification fees are waived for students of this program.  There are no further charges of any kind.

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Trauma Transcendence Coach Program

$2900 CAD
  • ✔️ Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist - Foundational AND Master level certifications - trauma informed
  • ✔️ Trauma Transcendence Coach certification
  • ✔️ Sound Therapist Practitioner certification - trauma informed
  • ✔️ PLUS lifetime access to e-library of all classes and materials
  • ✔️ PLUS 1-year access to toll-free clinical consultation line
  • ✔️ PLUS 1-year access to assigned clinical mentor and small group 5D peer network
  • ✔️ PLUS full access to Trauma Transcendence Conference in Sedona /December 9th & 10th, 2022 (livestream or in-person)
  • ✔️ PLUS full access to all pre and post Conference workshops in Sedona /Dec.. 5th -17th, 2022 (livestream or in-person)


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