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Trauma Specialist Certification

2024 Focus: Parts Work & Inner Child Journeying 





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Trauma-Informed Hypnotherapy

Learn to integrate clinical hypnosis with trauma-informed psychotherapy

Foundational AND Advanced Hypnotherapy training

Widely accredited and approved for mental health professionals

Classroom with Karen Day

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Case consultations, live clinical demonstrations, and small group practices are part of our "practice makes more beautiful" commitment

Parts-Work & Inner Child Journeying

Our 2024 focus is on integration of best practices in parts-work and Inner Child journeying: key components in trauma-informed, transformation-based psychotherapy.

Highlights of WHAT'S INCLUDED  

  • 60 CE hour ONLINE certificate: Trauma Specialist in Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy
  • Optional 30 CE hour concurrent certificate: Trauma-Informed Parts Work & Inner Child Best Practices
  • Lifetime access to optional 100 CE hour foundational and advanced E-Library: Clinical Hypnotherapy in Psychotherapy
  • At-your-own-pace learning and certification
  • Optional In-Person practice network and link to Supervisor in your geographic area
  • Choose your own e-modules, based on professional goals & level of hypnotherapy knowledge (lessons grouped by Newbie / Beginner / Advanced)
  • 1:1 clinical case consultations availability
  • Lifetime access to bi-monthly group case consultations 

The full list of what's included in your program can be found here

What You'll Learn

Trauma Specialization in Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy

This NEW specialist certification includes in-depth information on skills needed to:

  • Merge clinical hypnosis interventions safely within a trauma-informed psychotherapeutic framework
  • Assist clients in accessing “inner healer” resources through depth-work and hypnotherapeutic interventions focused on age regression, inner child work, and parts-work 
  • Combine hypnosis with trauma interventions you are using now, such as: CBT, IFS, mindfulness, EMDR 
  • Practice Trance-Based Mindfulness Interventions in the context of trauma-related dissociative presentations
  • Apply hypnotherapy interventions specifically tailored to the serious issues facing those with PTSD, complex and developmental trauma, and critical attachment fragmentations
  • Effectively utilize trance-work for somatic-based therapy approaches, especially in the context of trauma processing and recovery
  • Access a range of options for core belief practices, based on the most recent findings in heart-brain modalities
  • Offer hypnosis-informed programming for pain management (and the underlying complex trauma fractures)
  • Effectively intercept the Negative Self-Hypnosis trauma loop
  • Provide hypnotherapy in conjunction with integrative counselling for addiction related issues, digestive health, IBS and other unconscious "alarm" signal responses (tell-tale signs of the traumatized psyche)
  • Apply hypnotic protocols for anxiety/panic/OCD based on an integrative trauma healing model
  • Describe and present user-friendly client tools for understanding AND CHANGING unconscious patterns related to compounded trauma responses, lifetime stressors and everyday problems

Hypnotherapy Meets Trauma Counselling

Most trauma therapists understand the importance of phased, non-linear and bottom-up interventions in the work they do with traumatized people. 

For this reason, clinical best practices in trauma-informed psychotherapy MUST often go beyond the traditional cognitive-based dyadic.  When the counselling framework builds in an active engagement of lower, slower brain wave activity (trance), clients are better able to engage in processing and integration work from a “whole brain” point of view. 

That’s where Trauma-Focused Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy comes in.  It’s a practice model for merging evidence-based, trauma-informed psychotherapy with clinical hypnosis — in a safe and ethical manner that draws upon decades of outcome research in clinical psychology.




Are you ready to become a certified Trauma Specialist in Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy? 


This program includes an online interactive community and in-depth immersion training on the newest and best practices in trauma-informed hypnotherapy (with a special focus on parts-work and inner child journeying).  


☀️ONLINE training community: In addition to your self-paced online training, you'll gain access to bi-monthly online clinical huddles for peer supervision, QandA and ongoing professional development. 

Our time together will include:

-- Case consultations

-- Interactive clinical demonstrations

-- Group practices


⚡️Clinical Consultant 1:1 Support & Optional In-Person Practice Networks: As soon as you sign up, you'll be connected with a clinical consultant in your geographic area of choice.  Your consultant will be available for 1:1 guidance as you go through the program.  You'll also have optional access to a small group training and practice network in your geographical area.  We currently have geographical practice networks in every Province of Canada. These networks meet throughout the year, and include member access to a local supervisor, available to assist members of the network.


⚡️Lifetime Access to Daybreak Clinician Network:

When you register for this program, you're immediately provided lifetime access to the Daybreak Clinician Network which includes:

  • 60 CE hour online certificate: Trauma Specialist in Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy
  • Lifetime access to 100 CE hour foundational and advanced E-Library: Clinical Hypnotherapy in Psychotherapy
  • Choose your own e-modules, based on professional goals & level of hypnotherapy knowledge (lessons grouped by Newbie / Beginner / Advanced). Go at your own pace.
  • 1:1 clinical case consultations availability (no extra charge)
  • Lifetime access to bi-monthly group case consultations 

The full list of what's included in your program can be found here

Parts Work and Inner Child Journeying

Our 2024 therapeutic-intensive focus is upon Parts Work & Inner Child Journeying for transformative-based psychotherapy.  You'll have OPTIONAL (free) access to IN-PERSON Deep Dive Intensives as follows:


Parts-Work & Inner Child Journeying: Best Practices, Protocols and Resources 

Part I: May 23rd, 24th, 25th 2024 / 3-Day Intensive / Vancouver, BC (or join livestream)

Part II: June 6th, 7th, 8th 2024 / 3-Day Intensive / Toronto ON (or join livestream)



Students will be invited (optionally) to join in-person and/or livestream for the above professional development intensive.  Those who cannot attend livestream or in-person are welcome to view the recordings which will be stored in the forever e-library.  


Students who would like to complete the 30 CE concurrent certificate in Parts-Work & Inner Child Best Practices will need to either attend the livestream or in-person training days (above) OR show evidence that they completed the video-recorded classes and completed the online exercises.






Outcomes for this learning and practice intensive: Students will demonstrate knowledge of:

  • Core competencies in a trauma-informed and intention-focused approach to Parts-Work and Inner Child Journeying
  • Three trauma-phased protocols for trance-based Parts Work integrated with psychotherapeutic best practices 
  • Two trauma-phased protocols for trance-based Inner Child Work integrated with psychotherapeutic best practices 
  • Phased assessment and intake guidelines for guiding the practice of Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy that includes Parts Work and/or Inner Child Journeying

Your Lead Instructor & Consultation Team

Karen (Kaia) Day is a Master’s trained Registered Social Worker and Psychotherapist specializing in holistic psychotherapy and integrative approaches to mental health. She is the President of Daybreak Therapy and Training, and has over twenty years of combined experience in the provision of mental health services, crisis and trauma counselling, and clinical social work practice, teaching and supervision.

Kaia is Past-President of the Canadian Society of Clinical Hypnosis – Ontario Division.  She has taught clinical hypnosis to hundreds of mental health professionals through the Society and as adjunct faculty with the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine. 


In addition, Kaia has provided Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy certification training through Daybreak Training, Global Mind-Body, and at many social service organizations, international conferences, and psychotherapy CE events. As founder of the world's first series of Mind-Body-Spirit Psychotherapy Conferences (Creating Sacred Spaces) Kaia continues to collaborate with a Daybreak faculty team of pioneers in the field of trauma care, which has included Dr.Gabor Maté, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Thomas Moore, as well as a yearly conference clinician network of healers and luminous co-creators of a new path in psychological medicine.



The 2024 clinical consultation team includes cross-provincial and cross-disciplinary leaders in the fields of psychology, medicine, social work, and psychotherapy.  In addition, our faculty bring uplifting and dynamic teachings rooted in an evidence-informed framework for trauma transcendence.

Frequently Asked Questions

No problem!  As soon as you sign up for the Program, you're provided with immediate access to an online 5-day go-at-your-own-pace foundational training library which gives you everything you need to be prepared for the Trauma Specialist e-intensive.

In addition, this Program includes lifetime access to a 100 hour CE Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist (C.Hyp) Practitioner e-library that includes an optional and free additional certification as a Daybreak Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist (C.Hyp™) Practitioner.

Wonderful!  You'll still be provided with lifetime access to our foundational and advanced Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy training e-library, but you're under no obligation to go through these modules if they are not relevant to you.

You're welcome to jump right into the Trauma Specialist e-certification process with no need for review of the pre-course Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy materials (which include everything you need to know, step-by-step, for bringing the art and science of clinical hypnotherapy into your counselling practice).  

Anyone is welcome to take this online course.  If you wish to apply for post-course certification, you'll need to show evidence that you are a regulated or registered mental health professional (or equivalent). Students in psychotherapy-related programs and non-active counselling professionals (eg: retired or on parental leave) are also eligible for certification.  You must also be legally permitted to practice psychotherapy or clinical counselling in your region.  Please contact us if you're not sure about your eligibility.

For Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist - Trauma Specialist certification, you'll need to:

  • Complete 30 hours of self-paced online modules: Trauma Specialist Intensive 
  • Complete 20 hours of self-paced online modules:  Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist foundational e-modules (or show evidence that you already have equivalent background foundational training in clinical hypnotherapy)
  • Implement and submit 3 case studies 
  • Complete 1:1 clinical consultation with your assigned clinical mentor

For the concurrent OPTIONAL Parts Work & Inner Child Best Practices certificate, you'll need to:

  • Complete the Trauma Specialist certification (above); AND
  • Attend (livestream or in-person) the June 2024 PD Intensive on Parts Work & Inner Child Journeying (or show evidence of completion of the recorded video modules and learner exercises).

You will be required to show evidence that you are a regulated or registered mental health professional (or equivalent), trained in clinical counselling and legally permitted to practice psychotherapy OR clinical counselling in your region.  Please contact us if you're not sure about your eligibility or if you are retired, temporarily inactive, or a psychotherapy student in training. 

Once certified, you are welcome to list yourself publicly as a Daybreak certified Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist (C.Hyp™) Practitioner and Trauma Specialist in Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy. 

For full certification, you are required to complete all components of the course within 1 year from time of program start-up.  You are welcome to start the course any time after purchase (for example: if you purchase the course in January, and begin the modules in April, your 1-year course calendar then would begin in April).  In some cases, accommodations can be provided for students needing longer than 1 year for completion.

If you are not applying for post-course certification, there is no deadline for completion.  All students have lifetime access to all course materials.

Nope. Following your one-time payment for this course, there are no further fees required for renewals or membership in the Daybreak Network.  Once you're a Daybreak student, you will have lifetime access (free) to a wealth of our Network resources, including our bi-monthly Clinical Huddle that provides ongoing group consultations, online expert interviews, advanced training modules and peer-to-peer supervision in Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy.

Daybreak's long-distance hypnotherapy programming has been pre-approved by many organizations including the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA).  Our training has also been approved for reimbursed PD hours by the Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW), National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and meets continuing competency / CEU requirements of a number of counselling associations and regulatory bodies for psychotherapy professionals including the CRPO, CPO and OCSWSSW.  

Since all course materials are sent to you immediately with lifetime access, we are not providing refunds for any reason. 

Thank you so much for your support of Daybreak Therapy and Training.  We do honestly depend completely on your loving innerstanding on this policy which allows us to in turn provide an expression venue and fair wage platform to all of our world-changing, consciousness-shifting teachers, healers and consultants who live true to their soul callings.  

All you need is a computer (or tablet or smart-phone).  You will NOT be required to download any software.  You'll simply be provided with an e-link to your online library.  Once you've registered, you'll be given access to a toll-free support line that you can call anytime.

Yes.  To arrange an instalment payment plan, please contact:

What Some of Our Graduates Are Doing

Dr. Ellen Luborsky, Psychologist, New York

Dr. Luborsky's expertise includes:

  • Art therapy and creative/expressive arts in hypnotherapy
  • Play therapy /work with children and parents
  • Trauma-informed Hypnotherapy with youth and young adults

Dr. Stacy Thomas, Psychologist, Toronto

Dr. Thomas' expertise includes:

  • Pre and Post Natal services
  • Trauma-sensitive clinical hypnosis
  • Chronic pain and illness / CBT integrated with hypnosis

Jason KoenigbaurJason Koenigbaur, RP. Newmarket, Ontario

Jason's expertise includes:

  • EMDR and hypnosis work complex trauma
  • Gestalt and integrative hypnotherapy
  • Ego state therapy / parts hypnosis

Tara Luchman, Reg.Psych,  Edmonton

Tara's expertise includes:

  • IFS and trauma work
  • Psychedelic integration with trance-work
  • EMDR from an integrative framework

Jacqueline Chiu, RP, Toronto

Jacqueline's expertise includes:

  • Anxiety healing through Ericksonian approaches
  • Immigration and psychological trauma
  • Integrative psychotherapy from a mind-body healing model

Heidi Kaseweter, CCC,  British Columbia

Heidi's expertise includes:

  • Solution-focused brief interventions with hypnosis
  • Addictions & hypnosis-informed treatment planning
  • Anxiety, fears and phobias with trauma-informed hypnotherapy

Michael Peddle,  RP.  Peterborough, Ontario

Michael's expertise includes:

  • Paediatric hypnosis / trauma work with youth
  • Ericksonian trauma work
  • Integrative hypnotherapy with IFS, EMDR and Gestalt 

Katelynn Bandmann, RCC,  Vancouver

Katelynn's expertise includes:

  • EMDR and trauma processing with hypnosis
  • Hypnotherapy self-healing groups and services
  • Hypnotherapy for anxiety and PTSD

Gosia Cicha, RCC, Victoria BC

Gosia's expertise includes:

  • Hypnotherapeutic parts and inner child work
  • Psychedelic integration and trance-based mindfulness interventions
  • EMDR integrative work with clinical hypnosis

Farzana Doctor

Farzana Doctor, RSW.  Toronto

Farzana's expertise includes:

  • Anti-oppressive and holistic psychotherapy
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy with hypnosis
  • Psychodynamic trance-based interventions

Graig Moriarty,

Graig Moriarty, RP, Toronto

Graig's expertise includes:

  • Mind-Body and somatic orientations 
  • Gestalt-oriented Clinical counselling hypnotherapy
  • Trauma work with LGBTQ+ and adoption experiences

Manjit Devgun, Trauma Transcendence Coach

Manjit's expertise includes:

  • Developer of the Manjit Self-Hypnosis App 
  • Featured Today Show teacher: hypnotherapy with sound healing
  • Corporate coaching and consulting in hypnotherapy & mindfulness

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Trauma Specialist in Clinical Hypnotherapy

$1649 CAD
  • Certificate: Trauma Specialist in Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy
  • Optional concurrent certificate: Parts-Work & Inner Child Best Practices
  • Lifetime access to e-library in Trauma-Focused Hypnotherapy
  • Lifetime access to e-library in Foundational and Advanced modules: Clinical Hypnotherapy In Psychotherapy and foundational program manual
  • Full certification as Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist (C.Hyp) Practitioner (optional) and lifetime membership in the C.Hyp™ professional network
  • Access to In-Person Practice Network (ongoing geographical-based small group trainings)
  • 1:1 clinical mentorship and case consultation support available throughout program
  • E-Handbook on trauma-oriented scripting and Inner Child Work
  • E-Handbook on trauma-informed Parts Work Protocols & Best Practices
  • Programming guidelines for regression, trauma processing, trauma-based fears and phobias and more
  • Access to online interactives/demonstrations on legacy work & ancestral healing in trauma-focused hypnotherapy
  • Lifetime access to ALL classes, case studies, specialty modules, templates, procedures and scripts(hundreds of pages)
  • Free membership into Daybreak Clinician Network which includes ongoing bi-monthly peer-to-peer consultations
  • Access to 1-800 clinical consultation line for 6 months