Clinical Huddle: Transpersonal Trauma Processing

Recording of C.Hyp™ Clinical Huddle from May 13th, 2023

Highlights of Video:

(Scroll down for resource links under video box)


Defining Transpersonal --  Go to around 3:35 mark of video

On Clarity Consciousness & Trauma Work -- Go to around 12:12 mark of video

The Five "Fs" of Trauma Consciousness -- Go to 25:00 mark of video

Invite Client Willingness --  Go to around 45:00 mark of video

Make an Impact --  Go to around 1:01:15 mark of video

Identify the Core Pattern -- Go to around the 1:38:00 mark of video

Parts Work -- Go to around the 2:00:15 mark of video

New Timeline Practice -- Go to around the 2:43:30 mark of video