Transcendence In Psychotherapy


Let's QUANTUM SHIFT the Mental Health Field!

Welcome to a Celebration of Holistic Psychotherapy!

Lightworkers come in many forms. Therapist is one of them. 

Calling all Lightworker Counselling Professionals!  You can now gain lifetime access to all recordings of Daybreak's 2020 E-Conference focused on Transcendence in Psychotherapy. 

Binge-watch over 40 hours of recorded e-workshops that explore the path of the soul-guided therapist, in the context of depth healing and consciousness raising -- within ourselves, our clients, our communities and the planet. 

Your purchase of the this program also includes lifetime access to Daybreak's Mind-Body-Spirit Clinicians Network -- a world-wide movement that is quantum shifting the entire mental health system.  We believe that now, more than ever, is the time for safe and loving networks of professional support and encouragement, as we shine our collective lights forward in bringing consciousness-raising to the forefront of mental health and addiction services.

Enjoy a fireside chat and keynote address with Psychotherapist and New York Times Best-Selling Author Thomas Moore.


Psychotherapist /Author: Care of the Soul / Dark Nights of the Soul

In archetypal psychology we ask: What does the soul want?  Answer that one and you are well on your way toward healing.

~ Thomas Moore, 2020 Conference Faculty

Hear from Thomas Moore and a full pre-recorded conference program that guides you through the exploration of three central questions:

The Central Questions

  1. How can we support, uplift and inspire one another in the deep healing work we do for both ourselves and clients who seek holistic approaches to practice?
  2. How do we merge our professional skills, knowledge and expertise in evidence-based interventions with an honouring of the client’s psycho-spiritual journey?
  3. What professional, ethical and practical information do we need to have as we create sacred spaces for our clients which are also safe, effective and healing?

This program will be of special interest to Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Doctors, Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Counsellors, and anyone working in mental health and addictions. You'll get a chance to hear from our unique team of innovators in the field as they present on:

  • The Role of Transcendence in Psychotherapy
  • Journey Through Dark Nights of The Soul
  • Trauma Transcendence and the Alchemy of Healing
  • A Therapist's Guide to Shadow Work and Money Patterns 
  • The Mind-Body Continuum in Complex Trauma and Chronic Pain
  • Light-Worker's Guide to Transcendence-Focused Psychotherapy
  • Accessing The Wisdom of Past-Life Experiences In Therapy
  • Psycho-Spiritual Healing & Evidence-Based Approaches in Counselling
  • ...and so much more!

Thomas Moore Discusses Soul & Spirit

Why be afraid of the "S" word in Mind-Body-Spirit?

Learn how to maintain professional commitment and scope of practice, while honouring your heart's calling to bring depth work and transcendence into clinical practice.

You may have missed joining us live, but now is your chance to tune into a pre-recorded 8 day training program that includes:

  • Clinical demonstrations and deep dives
  • A high-vibration virtual round-table focused on YOUR healing signature vis-a-vis best practices in mind-body-spirit psychotherapy
  • Access to our ongoing and bi-monthly meetings of the Mind-Body-Spirit Clinicians Network (a virtual networking forum to keep our discussions going)

All-Star Faculty 

Tune into out-of-the-matrix teachings of our brightest Daybreak clinical faculty including: Growing Forward author Dr. Stacy Thomas, Energy Psychology expert Dr. Sandeep Hunjan, Integrative Medicine specialist Dr. Conrad Sichler, and Sound Healer extraordinaire Phillip Jacobs. 

Your lifetime access to the Program's E-Library also includes half-day workshops with pioneering leaders like Dr. Mark Weisberg, specialist in mind-body medicine, chronic pain and other chronic illness. 


"The foundation of my work is building bridges between traditional and newer ways of understanding illness and healing. My passion is translating and integrating neuroscience and psychodynamics for the creation of deep, long-lasting healing and change... My goal is to help everyone discover inherent self-healing capacities to create powerful change on the levels of mind, body, and spirit."


-Dr. Mark Weisberg, Clinical Health Psychologist, Author: Trust Your Gut
Daybreak Workshop Faculty

Your Purchase Includes LIFETIME ACCESS to the full recorded program of our 2020 E-Conference.  You'll gain access to:


✔️Full 2-day E-Conference which was held on Nov. 6th and 7th, 2020. Keynote: Thomas Moore. 
Theme: Dark Nights of the Soul & Transcendence In Psychotherapy 


✔️All Short courses: 3 half-day short courses which were held in afternoons of Nov.5th,9th and 12th, 2020. Theme: Mind-Body-Spirit Continuum in Psychotherapy


✔️Lifetime Membership: Mind-Body-Spirit Clinician's Network (quarterly online community events focused on the building of a new paradigm for psychotherapy).  You'll get an invitation to join our network, so you can connect on a regular basis with like-minded and heart-kinded colleagues!


✔️Daybreak's Angelic Runway Program:  Hear from 8 way-shower teachers in 8 days who held sessions from Nov.3rd-Nov.10th, help usher in a light-filled 2021 and to discuss a new earth model for transformative psychotherapy.   


✔️Lifetime access to Transcendence In Psychotherapy E-Library to include all conference workshops, pre and post-conference courses, hand-outs, and clinical tools


✔️Cross-country check-in /Multi-disciplinary panel on scope of practice, regulations and new developments impacting the art and practice of holistic psychotherapy


Dr. Gabor Maté, MD / Author: When The Body Says No


with Dr. Gabor Maté: an exclusive Daybreak pre-recorded workshop on "When The Body Says No - A Guide For Therapists."


Includes: all hand-outs, modules, transcript and client tools PLUS psychotherapist panel response



Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Ph.D. / NY Times Best-Selling Author / Clinical Psychologist



with Dr. Shefali Tsabary: an exclusive Daybreak pre-recorded workshop on "The Awakened Therapist."


Includes: all hand-outs, modules, transcript and client tools PLUS psychotherapist panel response 

Continuing Education Credits

This 40 hour Conference program has been approved by many counselling-related organizations including the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA).  Following your viewing of each recording, you will have the option to claim CE hours through our virtual verification process.  

For questions about CE credits, please contact:

Cancellation Policy

Upon purchase, you will receive immediate and lifetime access to the e-library containing all Conference video recordings and faculty handouts.  For this reason, no refunds are available.  

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