Timeline Ponderings For The Quantum-Minded Therapist

Daybreak School of Depth Mastery In Psychotherapy

Excerpt from Mastermind Quantum Journeying E-Learning Event

From:  March, 2021

Scroll down to watch the video episode below for these highlights:


  • Calling on the quantum field in your work with clients -- skip to around the 6:25 mark of video


  • Everything is happening NOW  -- skip to around the 29:40 mark of video


  • Anxious and depressed clients who have an "impending sense of doom" -- skip to around the 55:21 mark of video


  • Parallel realities reflective exercise -- skip to around the 1:03:30 mark of video


  • Let the field do its work   -- skip to around the 2:03:08  mark of video