Recently, I did an interview on the core teachings of Daybreak’s best-selling Breaking The Worry Trance e-course for an upcoming summit focused on the wildest spiritual journey anyone will EVER take…aka parenthood.   The reason I gave a big “Heck, YES” to the interview request mostly had to do with the title of the Summit:

Beyond Parenthood: Reclaim YOU, Live Authentically with Your Crazylicious Children and make Impossibles Possible. 💜💜💜


So, right off the bat: two of my favourite words — authentic and crazylicious — are built into the title of the summit.  Any learning forum that describes parenting as both crazy and delicious is a winner in my books.  The hosts of Beyond Parenthood, Lorraine and Juliette, became  friends through Angelic Reiki in 2014.  They went their separate ways initially but something kept drawing them back together – their crazylicious children. Their life experiences, including handling REALLY DIFFICULT situations concerning their children, helped them form not just a friendship bond but a mutual calling to  uplift and inspire other stressed and overwhelmed parents.

 To Juliette and Lorraine, ALL children are crazy and delicious.  That’s what makes this summit so beautiful — the raw truth of both the insanity and absolute magic involved in the art of raising children.  I believe that parenting is a powerful spiritual pilgrimage, and that our children are our master teachers.

Inside the summit, you’ll find 20+ interviews  with experts in many fields of conscious parenting. from Doctors, Coaches, Therapists, Energy Healers and more. Each one of these beautiful souls talks about what happened in their own lives, why they are passionate to share their wisdom in order to empower many parents to be their authentic self and make this generation and all future generations more peaceful, happy and sassy.

So, if you want to join the Beyond Parenthood Summit,  I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend.

You can register using this link 

Just so you know… you can watch this from your home, office, or on the go.

This is for anyone who

  • Is a parent, grandparent, teachers and guardians that want to create a safe, compassionate environment for children
  • Finds parenting stressful, overwhelming and is looking to create an authentic relationship with their crazylicious children
  • Knows it is time to let go of stress & take action to create Joy, Peace, Connection & Love to enhance their life and that of their family
  • Has a vision and a dream and is passionate about making a BIG difference for themselves & their crazylicious children.

If you are one of these parents, save yourself time, money, and energy, and register for free

Here are a few things that will be covered in the video interviews:

  • Get quick & simple techniques to shift your perspective at any given moment
  • Transcend self-doubt and any sense of always trying to fix your child who is perfect exactly the way they are
  • Connect with parents around the world with the same mindset as you

Join us and over 20+ experts as we speak about transforming your constant parent stress into being your beautiful authentic self. Each day, over 11 days with 2 speakers per day!

Get information on feeling calmer, happier and confident, whilst feeling a greater sense of inner peace and connection with yourself. Strengthen your relationships with your crazylicious children and improve family life. Tune in for practical and simple tools that can instantly change your perspective on how you see yourself and what you are reflecting onto your children.

Next Dates: May 6th, 2019

Where: Online


See you inside the Summit!

About Karen Day

Karen Day is the President of Daybreak Therapy and Training, an international network of mental health professionals offering integrative and holistic psychotherapy. As a Registered Social Worker and Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist, Karen specializes in anxiety and trauma related issues including: panic, fears, phobias, OCD, and chronic stress. With her colleagues at Daybreak Therapy and Training, she believes strongly in the innate wisdom and healing potential of every individual, and the unique inter-connections of body, mind and spirit.