The Starboard Exercise

An Intention-Setting Tool: Step-by-Step Guide

Recording of C.Hyp™ Clinical Huddle from Feb.29th, 2024

Highlights of Video:

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Purpose of the Starboard Exercise / Who it's for --  Go to around 2:40 mark of video

Step 1: Open up the intention space -- Go to around 12:30 mark of video

Step 2: Reflect on intention-infused "North Star"  -- Go to 18:30 mark of video

Step 3: Draw the StarBoard --  Go to around 44:44 mark of video

Step 4: North Star Hypnosis  --  Go to around 1:07:20 mark of video

Step 5: Mantras and Choicepoints -- Go to around the 1:35:00 mark of video