Soul Circle Gatherings

✦ Exclusive small group international and online retreat gatherings 

✦ If you're a Mastermind member, we've got a spot waiting someplace special just for you.  Every year.  With open arms and open hearts.

✦ Join us whenever and wherever in the world you can!  Heck, join ALL the gatherings EVERY year if you're able.  Some events (such as larger conferences) are also open to non-Mastermind members.

Retreat group dinner


2021 Schedule

Some Words About Our Soul Circle Gatherings in 2021:


  • Each Soul Circle Gathering includes a 2 or 3-day small-group specialty training and retreat program at a sacred energetic site.  We gather on Solstice and Equinox dates, in different spots around the world (or online, as needed), and our events include community ceremony 


  • Guest expert faculty join Mastermind members for soul circle wisdom-sharing at each gathering


  • Program access is free to all Mastermind members, but members do cover their own costs for travel, accommodations and meals.  Non-mastermind members can join in some larger events such as conferences


  • Click on the button below for information on your preferred 2021 Soul Circle Gathering:
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Spring Equinox / Online Retreat

Location:  Online gathering for the Spring Equinox

Date: March 18th - 20th, 2021

Small Group Training Focus: Adventures in Quantum Journeying / Trance-Focused therapy

Pre-Requisite: Foundational training in Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy or equivalent

Lead Faculty: Karen Day



Okanagan Region / Vernon, BC

Location:  The Castle At Swan Lake / Vernon, BC

Date: August 17th - 18th, 2021

Small Group Training Focus: What Is Your Healing Signature? 

Faculty: Karen Day, Melanie Lansall and Guests



Inukshuk/rocks in the sunset

Fall Equinox / Manitoulin Island

Location:  Manitoulin Island, Ontario

Date: September 21-23rd, 2021

Small Group Training Focus: What Is Your Healing Signature?

Faculty: Grace DeBassige, Karen Day and Guests