Soul Circle Gatherings

✦ Exclusive small group international gatherings ONLY for Daybreak Mastermind members

✦ If you're a Mastermind member, we've got a spot waiting someplace special just for you.  Every year.  With open arms and open hearts.

✦ Join us whenever and wherever in the world you can!  Heck, join ALL the gatherings EVERY year if you're able 🙂

Retreat group dinner


2021 Schedule

Some Words About Our Soul Circle Gatherings in 2021:


  • Each Soul Circle Gathering includes a 2 or 3-day small-group specialty training and retreat program at a sacred energetic site.  We gather on Solstice and Equinox dates, in different spots around the world, and our events include community ceremony 


  • Guest expert faculty join Mastermind members for soul circle wisdom-sharing at each gathering


  • Program access is free to all Mastermind members, but members do cover their own costs for travel, accommodations and meals


  • Due to possible COVID related restrictions, each small gathering will be limited to 15-20 students at this time.  We will increase or decrease our maximum capacity numbers, based on stipulations of each Soul Circle travel region.  


  • Click on the button below for information on your preferred 2021 Soul Circle Gathering:
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Spring Equinox / Costa Rica

Location:  Mount Arenal, Costa Rica

Date: March 19th - 22nd, 2021

Small Group Training Focus: Adventures in Quantum Journeying / Trance-Focused therapy

Pre-Requisite: Foundational training in Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy or equivalent

Lead Faculty: Karen Day



Summer Solstice / Okanagan, BC

Location:  Lake Okanagan Region, British Columbia

Date: June 18th -21st, 2021

Small Group Training Focus: Lost Art, Stolen Medicine: Reclaiming Transcendence in Psychotherapy

Faculty: Karen Day, Melanie Lansall and Guests



Inukshuk/rocks in the sunset

Fall Equinox / Manitoulin Island

Location:  Manitoulin Island, Ontario

Date: September 21-23rd, 2021

Small Group Training Focus: What Is Your Healing Signature?

Faculty: Grace DeBassige, Karen Day and Guests



Sedona winter

Winter Solstice / Sedona

Location:  Sedona, Arizona

Date: December 17th-21st, 2021

Training Focus: "Quantum Shifting the Mental Health Field. This training will be built into a larger venue Conference.

Faculty: Matt Kahn, Keynote Faculty & Guests