Mind-Body-Spirit Psychotherapy

Become certified as an Integrative Psychotherapist, and specialize in evidence-based applications of mind-body-spirit medicine in clinical practice.  Join the new SOPHIA School of Psychotherapeutic, Hypnotherapeutic & Integrative Arts.

Multi-Organizational Founding Team

The SOPHIA School is a new Integrative Psychotherapist certification and CE training program led by a cross-disciplinary and multi-organizational team of international founding organizations committed to the advancement of evidence-based practices in mind-body-spirit psychotherapy.  

This year's faculty and consulting organizations include:

...and many more!  Our full faculty listing will be available in Fall 2024.

Choose Your Specialization

Our unique integrative approach to holistic psychotherapy training includes your immersion studies in ONE OR MORE of the following SPECIALTY STREAMS:

Earn Your Integrative Psychotherapist Certification

Whether you're an existing psychotherapist or clinical counselling professional wanting an advanced CE program, or you're looking for a full Psychotherapist training certification, our program provides you with everything you need for an individualized and evidence-based deep dive into mind-body-spirit medicine in psychotherapy healing.

As a student of the SOPHIA school, you have lifetime access to ALL of our specialty certification courses (but only ONE specialty stream is required for your completion of our Integrative Psychotherapist certification).

Your Integrative Psychotherapist certificate includes at least one concurrent specialization in:

  • Sound Healing & Energy Medicine In Psychotherapy;
  • Yoga & Somatic Healing In Psychotherapy; and/or
  • Plant Medicine Applications in Psychotherapy. 

A clinical hypnosis specialization with optional certification is also built into the entire program.

Lightworkers come in many forms. Psychotherapist is one of them.

ONLINE Courses & IN-PERSON Healing Intensives

The SOPHIA Program offers a hybrid model for learning which offers both online course hours and in-person healing intensives.  Programming includes:

  • Self-paced completion of online hours, ranging from an average of 4-8 hours per week (with options for more or less hours per week, depending on pacing preferences).
  • Fast-Track option for existing therapy professionals who have completed at least 50 hours of clinical supervision and are in good standing with a recognized regulatory or registration organization 

Most students in the fast-track stream will complete the full certification in 1-2 years (based on 4-8 hours a week in part-time courses), but it is possible to take a much shorter or longer amount of time, depending on how many courses are completed each semester.  If you already have foundational training in psychotherapy, you'll be eligible for prior learning recognition, thus making it possible to easily complete this certification in 12-18 months.

  • Full-Track option: The full certification (without fast-tracking) has been designed as a 3-year part-time studies program.  Most students will complete the full program in the following format: 3 semesters per year (summer off) with 10-12 week part-time semesters.  The third year of studies is a designated part-time clinical practicum year.


  • In-Person Healing Retreat Intensives: Each year, the SOPHIA program runs multiple 4-5 day healing intensive retreats (across North America and in tropical locations) to provide our students an opportunity to:

    - meet in-person, and enhance their collegial support networks;
    - apply teachings of Integrative Psychotherapy in an experiential setting;

    - fully integrate classroom materials;
    - engage in self-reflection and insight-journeying; and

    - experience for themselves the power of integrative psychotherapy practices which emphasize mind-body-spirit approaches and work with non-ordinary states of consciousness.

    All students (fast-track and full-track) have free access to all of the Healing Intensives during their time in the program, and can attend as many as desired.

    For full certification, the student must complete at least ONE Sophia Healing Intensive.


"I love my work, which I see as helping my patients become most fully themselves, enjoying optimum health and vitality, and creating and living a life they love. I believe that healing occurs through the integration of heart, mind, body and spirit. It is only through healing ourselves, that we can most effectively contribute to healing the planet."

- Dr. Judy Tsasfrir, MD / Faculty

Some Program Highlights

  • Program focus on Mind-Body-Spirit Psychotherapy and Depth-Healing within an integrative framework


  • Theoretical underpinnings in Ericksonian and Transpersonal psychotherapeutic studies built into entire curriculum


  • Specialty integration certification streams include: Sound Healing & Energy Medicine In Psychotherapy; Yoga & Somatic Healing In Psychotherapy; Advanced Clinical Hypnosis; and/or Plant Medicine Applications in Psychotherapy


  • Healing Intensives and immersive placements provided for students at SOPHIA centre retreat locations in Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada and USA


Some Course Menu Highlights

Students choose from a menu of courses that will be aligned with their chosen specialization stream.  Some of our current courses include:

  • Inner Child and Parts Work in Psychotherapy
  • Trauma Healing in Mind-Body-Spirit Modalities
  • Integrative Medicine In The Mental Health Field
  • Somatic and Yogic Pathways to Trauma Work
  • Ericksonian and Transpersonal Psychotherapy
  • Somatic Rebirthing & Breathwork: A Sacred Trauma Healing Pathway
  • Adjunct Medicine & Legislative Compliance
  • Plant Medicine in Trauma-Informed Psychotherapy
  • Therapeutic Guidance in Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy
  • Creating Sacred Spaces: Insight-Journeying In Psychotherapy


To see  HIGHLIGHTED 2024/2025 courses currently available and full certification requirements, click here

Love is the most powerful medicine on the planet.  Love has to lead the Psychotherapy process for a true shift in consciousness.

2024/25 Calendar Highlights: Some Important Dates*

September 2024: Program Consultant assignments.  You'll be matched with a Program Consultant to assist you in the perfect program design for your Integrative Psychotherapist certification studies, based upon your own professional interests and personal schedule.  Your Program Consultant will also be available for ongoing phone and zoom check-ins throughout your studies, and will assist with your capstone project.




October 12th-17th 2024: Sedona Launch Conference.  As a SOPHIA student, you are welcome to attend our in-person program launch conference in Sedona!  If you can't make it this year, you can join in another year.  In-person gatherings and conferences on the topic of Mind-Body-Spirit Psychotherapy are offered EVERY YEAR in Sedona, Mexico, Costa Rica, Vancouver and Toronto...all of these events are included as part of your program.  Find all the fun details here.




January 11th, 2025: Online courses begin.  During the winter semester of 2025, livestream hours will run on Saturday afternoons and Tuesday evenings (Eastern time).  If you cannot join livestream, you can watch the recordings and work with your program consultant and area practice network to ensure completion of course requirements and continued momentum.  Find course highlight details here.





March 22nd - 27th, 2025:  Cabo San Lucas Healing Intensive.  Join us in Mexico (optional; not required) to attend our first Healing Intensive Retreat of 2025.  If you miss this, don't worry -- we offer 4-5 healing intensives every year in locations across North America, with plenty of tropical locations included!  As with the Sedona Conference and all SOPHIA events, your program access to these healing intensives is included with your registration.

Dr.Stacy Thomas

"I am a child of the universe....this statement reflects a deep sense of respect and connection to other people, creatures, the planet, the galaxy and beyond... It reflects a commitment to living a life without limits.  An understanding that I deserve to be here. It is the reason why I have never questioned belonging in spite of never quite fitting in.  It is also why I have been welcomed in so many different circles and permitted to walk alongside countless others on their journey through darkness to finding the light within.  Because I see that light.  I have always seen that light no matter what the apparent differences on the surface."

- Dr. Stacy Thomas, C.Psych / Faculty


Psychotherapy Training Through PHENOMENAL EXPERIENCES

The SOPHIA School offers so much more than an Integrative Psychotherapist certification.  This program has been designed specifically for those who are aligned with a philosophy of healing that celebrates the magic of mind-body-spirit connections, a truly holistic model of practice, and the transformational power of innovations in consciousness-raising within the counselling process.

When you join the SOPHIA program of Integrative Psychotherapist Studies, you'll gain a one-of-a-kind immersion experience into evidence-based therapy in the holistic healing arts.  You'll be part of a lifetime community that provides psychotherapy training through phenomenal experiences, including:

Immersion Specialization Streams: Throughout your studies, you'll be focusing on a concurrent specialty-certificate stream in one or more of the following areas: Sound Healing and Energy Medicine In Psychotherapy; Yoga and Somatic Healing In Psychotherapy; Advanced Clinical Hypnosis; and/or Plant Medicine Applications in Psychotherapy.  With the guidance of your program consultant, we'll ensure that your chosen adjunct specialty focus is built into your elective courses, placement immersions, 1:1 clinical supervision, specialty certification consultations, and capstone project.

A Truly Integrative Model of Psychotherapy Training: Where else will you find a Naturopath and a Psychiatrist co-teaching a course called Integrative Medicine In The Mental Health Field?  How about a Shamanic Healer working side-by-side with a somatic-based psychotherapist and our director of Sound Healing in Psychotherapy for an experiential teaching circle on psychedelic integrated therapy?  These are just some examples of how the SOPHIA school maintains our commitment to an authentic Integrative Psychotherapist  training at every level possible.


Healing Intensive Retreats: And speaking of immersion specialization....your time in the SOPHIA program is enhanced through in-person Healing Intensive Retreats.  These events are offered throughout the year (across North America and in tropical locations) to provide our students an opportunity to:

  • meet in-person, and enhance collegial support networks;
  • apply teachings of Integrative Psychotherapy in an experiential setting;
  • fully integrate classroom materials; 
  • engage in self-reflection and insight-journeying; and
  • experience first-hand the power of integrative psychotherapy practices which emphasize mind-body-spirit approaches and work with non-ordinary states of consciousness.

All students have free access to all of the Healing Intensives during their time in the program, and can attend as many as desired.  Yearly locations: Sedona, Costa Rica, Mexico, Vancouver, Toronto, and rotating Eastern Canada locations.

Deep-Dive Into Insight-Journeying: A cornerstone of this program is evidence-based best practices for psychotherapeutic work with Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness (NOSC).  We are the ONLY Integrative Psychotherapist certification training that teaches a series of extensive, trauma-informed protocols and models tailored specifically to depth-oriented work in titrated brain-wave states and heart-brain coherence -- a unique framework we refer to as insight-journeying.

Vibrant Mind-Body-Spirit Psychotherapist Community: As a SOPHIA student, you're warmly invited to optionally attend (free of charge) any of our many in-person and online community gatherings, including an annual Mind-Body-Spirit Psychotherapy Conference, regular Area Practice Networks, Healing Intensive Retreats around the world, and online peer-based collaborative groups.  Come and meet with like-minded souls and colleagues to forward the field of holistic psychotherapy.

Honouring the Therapist's Unique Healing Signature & Heart-Path: You have a unique blend of gifts and talents, and your own personal and professional individuation path.  We honour your heart and soul path, through programming that is structured upon a go-at-your-own-pace philosophy.  We will meet you where you're at -- not just with 1:1 assistance in customizing your schedule of classes and certification requirements, but also in working closely with you to map out a specialization stream of integrative studies geared to what we call your unique healing signature.


Frequently Asked Questions

You are eligible if you hold a Bachelor's degree or equivalent.  In addition, you'll be required to attend a 1:1 consultation meeting with one of our intake coordinators for a review of your interests, skills and background experiences, so that we can ensure a good fit between your soul calling and the SOPHIA program.

We offer a self-paced curriculum with a student-set schedule, based on individual availability and needs.  You can find more information here.

Your program consultant can assist you in adapting any of the specialty streams to your unique interest area.  For example: The Yoga and Somatics specialization can be slightly modified to emphasize more general mind-body applications in psychotherapy.

Your registration includes access to all 3 specialty certificates if you like, but you are required to complete only one for your Integrative Psychotherapist certification.  As a SOHIA student, you have lifetime access to ALL course materials (so dive into as many modules as your heart desires). 

Depending on where you live, you may have to take a few extra steps (eg: in some jurisdictions, you might be required to write an exam set by the regulatory body in your area). The SOPHIA program for Integrative Psychotherapy certification has been designed and mapped carefully, as a masters level equivalency, to meet the specific entry-to-practice competencies and designation requirements of governing organizations internationally.  Since each jurisdiction has slightly differing rules, we'll link you with a 1:1 entry-to-practice mentor who has legislative compliance expertise matched to your specific location.  In some cases, you'll be able to practice psychotherapy right away.  Whenever extra preparation is needed, your 1:1 mentor will be with you every step of the way to ensure your confidence, ease and joy as an Integrative Psychotherapist. 

Foundational to the SOPHIA curriculum is psychotherapeutic work with non-ordinary states of consciousness.  Clinical hypnotherapy studies provide students a strong neurobiological framework for understanding both the physiological and psychological implications of trauma-work and clinical interventions across brainwave states.  We want to make certain that our students are well equipped to recognize and appropriately respond to clinical phenomena occurring during a client's experience in non-ordinary states of consciousness (trance).  Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for therapy professionals to unknowingly activate non-therapeutic trance without the sufficient skill-level required for work with the unconscious and its vast network of resources for creative healing and insights.   

Yes, we do offer a prior learning assessment process for students who have completed a comprehensive program of Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy.  If your program was completed outside of Daybreak or a SOPHIA partner organization, we will need to review all course materials and you may be required to complete a PLAR interview and exam before being granted an exemption.

Our focus within the Plant Medicine Applications in Psychotherapy stream is upon the nurturing of a sacred and knowledgable relationship with the healing properties of plants and a high level of skill competency with integrating plant medicine wisdom into the clinical process.  Our primary curriculum emphasizes both naturally-occurring psychedelics (mainly psilocybin), as well as plants and herbs with evidence-baed and non-psychoactive healing components (eg: ashwagandha, ginseng, etc).  If you're interested in the plant medicine specialization, your program consultant will work with you to develop a personalized curriculum that best fits your interest and passions in this area.

No, absolutely not!  In fact, quite the opposite.  Foundational to the entire SOPHIA curriculum is psychotherapeutic work with non-ordinary states of consciousness.  Specifically, we teach in-depth methodology and evidence-based, trauma-phased and clinically supervised protocols for this sacred work - something we often refer to as Insight Journeying.  It's not about the trip or the type of medicine.  It's about the activation of healer's consciousness.  At our healing intensives, some students may choose to insight-journey with the assistance of legally allowed plant medicine (depending on jurisdiction), while most will journey through any number of organic trance-based interventions, including breath-work, sound healing, clinical hypnosis, or depth-oriented somatic practices.

No, but we will have to evaluate your progress in each course.  This is usually done through clinical presentations, case study applications, direct observations and self-reflection processes

No.  All of these SOPHIA program services are provided at no additional cost to you.

No. Prior expertise is NOT required for study in any of the specialty streams.  For example: you don't have to be a yoga teacher to join in the Yoga & Somatic Healing In Psychotherapy specialization (but yoga teachers will bring much richness to the program, and will also be able to deepen their existing knowledge base through a focused psychotherapy capstone project).  

A full review of your expertise and experience will take place within 2-4 weeks of your program registration. If, for any reason, you are disqualified from program continuation, a full refund will be immediately provided.  You are eligible for full program participation if you hold a Bachelor's degree or equivalent.  In addition, you'll be required to attend a 1:1 consultation meeting.

If you would like information about how to pay your registration fee through an instalment plan, please contact: Anna@DaybreakTherapy.ca

You can contact us anytime with any questions 🙂

Summer Promotional Offer

Join Our Mind-Body-Spirit Therapist Community

Our summer promotional pricing is available only until August 31st, 2024. *

50 student spots available.  Summer promo registration will close on August 31st at 5:00 p.m. ET, or when spots are filled (whichever comes first).


  • ✔️ Integrative Psychotherapist certification
  • ✔️ Concurrent certificate in one or more chosen specialty streams
  • ✔️ Access to Sedona launch conference: Full program pass
  • ✔️ Unlimited access to world-wide Healing Retreat Intensives, Area Practice Networks and annual conferences
  • ✔️ 1:1 program consultation and ongoing mentorship
  • ✔️ Lifetime access to all course material


  • 1st DEPOSIT DUE NOW; FINAL $3800 DUE JAN.15th 2025
  • INCLUDED: All features of Fast-Track registration offer PLUS:
  • ✔️ 200-hour direct clinical practice placement **

 * The above summer promotional offer reflects 25% reduced pricing

** Placement includes 50 hours of 1:1 clinical supervision with a SOPHIA-accredited Clinical Supervisor (a regulated Integrative Psychotherapist with over 5 years clinical practice in integrative, holistic psychotherapy with a mind-body-spirit focus, and a Master level or PhD degree from a recognized institution). If you are an existing psychotherapy professional already in clinical practice: this supervision time focuses upon building clinical mastery in integrative psychotherapy within your existing practice (versus a traditionally structured internship-based supervision setting).