For our 7th year in a row, Daybreak Training is running Winter 2019 retreats in two beautiful and sunny locations: Costa Rica and Cabo San Lucas!

This year, we’re offering both personal and professional development retreats at our favourite “summer places in winter time.”

Our professional training retreats are focused on foundational, refresher and mastery courses in Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy.

We hope you can join us — meet you at the beach in 2019 😎

About Our Winter 2019 Retreats

Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy – ALL LEVEL Training Programs

For Mental Health Professionals – February or March, 2019

Whether you’re looking for foundational, refresher or master level training, we’ve got your beach-side programming all ready for you!  These training intensives are structured as professional development CE retreats – a perfect combination of leisurely networking, relaxation and in-depth learning.


Click on any of the following dates for more information on clinical hypnotherapy training:


February 13th-19th COSTA RICA FOUNDATIONAL  level program – Click here for details

February 23rd-28th  COSTA RICA MASTERY level program – Click here for details

March 9th-16th CABO SAN LUCAS FOUNDATIONAL level program – Click here for details

March 9th-16th CABO SAN LUCAS REFRESHER Intensive – Click here for details

About Karen Day

Karen Day is the President of Daybreak Therapy and Training, an international network of mental health professionals offering integrative and holistic psychotherapy. As a Registered Social Worker and Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist, Karen specializes in anxiety and trauma related issues including: panic, fears, phobias, OCD, and chronic stress. With her colleagues at Daybreak Therapy and Training, she believes strongly in the innate wisdom and healing potential of every individual, and the unique inter-connections of body, mind and spirit.