Quantum Healing In Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical Huddle: April, 2020

Guest Faculty: Andrea Gutsche, RP(Q), C.Hyp Practitioner

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Highlights of video:


  • About Dolores Cannon: starts around the 14:33 mark of video


  • QHHT Overview: starts around the 16:49 mark of video


  • A Past Life & Leg Tendon Healing: starts around the 19:50 mark of video


  • IBS Client: Starts around the 27:12 mark of video


  • Beliefs and the Frequency of Fear: Starts around the 29:12 mark of video


  • Moving Fractals & Andrea's Arm Visual: Starts around the 52:55 mark of video 


Additional Resources -- Discussed in webinar:


CBC documentary on past life regression - click here




Georgina Cannon - click here

(Georgina’s book called “Return Again” includes scripts for past life)




Dr. Bruce Lipton - click here




Dr. Brian Weiss - click here




Hypnotic World (has section on past life regression)