Mind-Body-Spirit Psychotherapy Conference

Sedona, Arizona

Creating Sacred Spaces in Mental Health

Come to Magical Sedona!


Our conference is put on by and for mental health clinicians who long to return our profession to where it began: with a focus on mind-body-spirit healing.

We are a growing international community of counselling practitioners who are committed to depth-oriented practices within integrative psychotherapy.

The Sedona Conference and all of our Conference workshops focus on the integration of evidence-based, trauma-informed therapies within a holistic framework that honours each person's unique psycho-spiritual journey.






"I love my work, which I see as helping my patients become most fully themselves, enjoying optimum health and vitality, and creating and living a life they love. I believe that healing occurs through the integration of heart, mind, body and spirit. It is only through healing ourselves, that we can most effectively contribute to healing the planet."

- Judy Tsasfrir, MD / Keynote Presenter & Author of Sacred Psychiatry: Bridging the Personal & Transpersonal to Transform Health & Consciousness

Conference Mainstage

This year, our mainstage focus will be upon depth-oriented psychotherapy.  We'll also be deep diving into the role of non-ordinary states of consciousness in long-term healing, and how to bring the emerging science of heart-brain activations into clinical processes

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Sacred Red Rock Journeying

Experience the magic of the Red Rocks! This is not just about a Conference, it's about transforming the way you do therapy.  We close the conference on October 13th with a journey into the red rocks (no hiking skills required) for a Vortex Meditation and Manifestation sacred group activity.


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Post-Conference Program

Conference attendees have the option of joining in a post-conference 4-day certificate training in Plant Medicine, Sound Therapy & Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness in Trauma Healing.


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Conference Mainstage

October 12th & 13th, 2024

Welcome to Our 2024 Mind-Body-Spirit Conference!

Sedona, Arizona

This conference is a CELEBRATION of holistic psychotherapy and integrative healing in the field of mental health and addictions.

It's also the LAUNCH CONFERENCE for the SOPHIA School of Integrative Psychotherapy.

Come and connect with colleagues who are dedicated to the blending of an evidence-based therapy model with a holistic focus on transformation, transcendence and deep-seated healing.  We'll be exploring these central guiding questions:

  1. How can we support, uplift and inspire one another in the deep healing work we do for both ourselves and clients who seek holistic mental health approaches to practice?
  2. How do we merge our professional skills, knowledge and expertise in evidence-based interventions with a TRUE HONOURING of a client’s own psycho-spiritual journey?
  3. What professional, ethical and practical information do we need to have as we create powerful awakening spaces for our clients which are also safe, trauma-paced and healing?

Hear from our conference faculty team of movers and shakers in the field -- they will be bringing you best practice teachings in an inspiration-packed workshop line-up.  Topics to explore include:

  • Best Practices in Integrative Psychotherapy
  • Holistic Therapeutic Frameworks for Social Workers,Psychologists and Mental Health Practitioners
  • Mind-Body-Spirit Continuum in Clinical Practice
  • Manifesting Your Soul’s Calling for Psychotherapists
  • The Awakened Heart of the Counselling Professional: Heart-Brain Coherence In Action
  • Transcending Symptom Management: Bridging to the Transpersonal
  • Consciousness-Raising & Embodiment In the Therapeutic Hero's Journey
  • ...and so much more!


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Conference Faculty Leadership Team

Our lead faculty team is comprised of experts in psychology, medicine and spirituality.  You'll meet integrative health professionals working in a number of areas including: psychedelic-assisted therapy, sound healing, clinical hypnosis and energy medicine. 

Mitchell Blockeer

Mitchell Blocker, LPC

Mitchell is an Arizona-based mental health professional bringing transpersonal approaches to healing in his everyday work.  He draws upon his background and rich experience being raised within the wisdom of the Cherokee tradition, and also integrates mindfulness and empowerment-based counselling into the therapist tool-kit.


Gosia Cicha, RCC

With a background in psychiatric nursing, holistic nutrition, and clinical counselling, Gosia brings a mind-body-spirit approach to all of her trauma treatment work.  Gosia specializes in EMDR, clinical hypnotherapy and psychedelic integrated counselling. 

Karen Day Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy Training 1

Karen (Kaia) Day, RSW

Kaia is the President of Daybreak Therapy and Training, and founder of the international Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist (C.Hyp) Certificate program.  Since 2018, she has been the lead organizer for Daybreak's yearly Mind-Body-Spirit Conferences.


Phil Jacobs, Integrative Practitioner

Phil is the creator of Canada's first Sound Therapy Practitioner Program, and Founder of Toronto Sound Therapy.  He has served as faculty with the Michner Institute Foundations of Psychedelic Psychotherapy program.

Aras (Mehdi)

Mehdi (Aras) Nasrin, RP

Aras is a Jungian-informed trauma specialist bringing experience in psychodynamic and integrative traditions into a busy psychotherapy practice in Toronto, Canada.  Aras weaves EMDR, clinical hypnosis, and experiential deep dives into clinical practice.

Dr.Stacy Thomas

Dr. Stacy Thomas, Psychologist

Dr. Stacy is an award winning clinical psychologist, speaker, author, founder and clinical director of The Design Your Life Centre, a private psychotherapy practice in Toronto, and The Design Your Life Community, an online private community space where people come together to learn the tools and practices to design their lives.  Her personal and professional expansion has led her to the study of Kundalini Yoga and its integration into mental health care.




Judy Tsafrir, MD

Dr. Tsafrir is a holistic adult and child psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, astrologer, activist and Harvard Medical School faculty member who focuses on mind-body-spirit healing.  She is the author of the newly released Sacred Psychiatry: Bridging the Personal & Transpersonal to Transform Health and Consciousness

Miche W

Miche Wilson, C.Hyp

Miche is a trauma-based body and energy practitioner specializing in breathwork; hypnotherapy for trauma release; sound healing; and plant medicine ceremony facilitation and integration.  Miche has completed many years of apprenticeship training with Canadian Shamanic teachers, wisdom carriers and medicine keepers.

Lisa Wilvert

Lisa Wilvert, RP

Lisa is the Sound Healing in Psychotherapy supervision lead for Daybreak's upcoming Integrative Psychotherapist certification program. With years of study and research into trauma-informed sound therapy, along with a Masters degree and certificate in Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy, Lisa brings a truly integrative framework to clinical practice.



Do YOU believe in magic?

Sound Healing PUrple

Cue the Lovin' Spoonful music.  In keeping with the theme of creating sacred spaces in psychotherapy, the medicine of energy, frequency and vibration is being anchored into our entire program.  Expect magic 🙂

Sound healing activations and in-depth trance work are richly integrated into every aspect of this gathering.  We'll be joining with a Hopi medicine teacher and a team of wisdom carriers who will be guiding us in the magic of the beauty way, as it is understood by ancient wisdom teachers and prophecy-tellers.   

The Red Rocks in Sedona have been honoured throughout the ages as sacred formations, gathering places and healing vortexes.

Some of the magic you'll experience during this event will include:


  • Sacred journeying into the red rocks (no hiking skills required) for a Vortex Meditation and Manifestation sacred group activity


  • Rotating Heart-Intention Focusing Circles for small group dream-storming


  • Delicious vegan and gluten-free lunches designed to heal, restore and alchemize
Dr.Stacy Thomas

"I am a child of the universe....this statement reflects a deep sense of respect and connection to other people, creatures, the planet, the galaxy and beyond... It reflects a commitment to living a life without limits.  An understanding that I deserve to be here. It is the reason why I have never questioned belonging in spite of never quite fitting in.  It is also why I have been welcomed in so many different circles and permitted to walk alongside countless others on their journey through darkness to finding the light within.  Because I see that light.  I have always seen that light no matter what the apparent differences on the surface."

- Stacy Thomas, C.Psych / Keynote Presenter & Founder of The Design Your Life Centre 

Post-Conference Program

October 14th-17th, 2024

Transcendence Pathways: 4-Day Certificate Training

Plant Medicine, Sound Therapy & Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness in TRAUMA HEALING

Conference attendees have the option of joining in a Transcendence Pathways in Integrative Psychotherapy certificate program.  

Maximum capacity: 40 students. This 4-day Post-Conference certificate program will provide a deep dive into:


  • The role of non-ordinary states of consciousness  (NOSC) in trauma healing and transcendence
  • Intention-setting in trance-journeying: brainwaves, heart-Intentions and Heart-Brain Coherence
  • Best practices and contraindications for working with non-ordinary states of consciousness in the psychotherapeutic setting
  • Integrative Practitioner's use of set, setting and Personal Healing Signature
  • Comprehensive guidelines for psychedelic-informed and/or shamanic assisted therapies
  • In-depth overview of plant medicine (with special focus on psilocybin) in the context of trauma recovery work within Integrative Psychotherapy
  • Practical applications of sound medicine in psychotherapy (even for those with no experience in sound healing)
  • Mystical experiences in the healing process: Implications for trauma-informed therapists
  • Professional assessment considerations for the how/where/when/how much of any intervention involving NOSC 
  • Titrated and individualized transcendence-pathway programming based on presenting issues, with a focus on PTSD, trauma, and addictions
  • Protocols for inner child work, core belief work and parts /ego state therapy as integrative or parallel structures within plant medicine and/or sound healing
  • Interrupting and over-riding the negative self-hypnosis loops found in chronic pain, habits and addictions
  • Incorporating Ericksonian and Jungian perspectives into transcendence-pathway considerations vis-a-vis clinical practice

Formal teaching circles will be interspersed with sacred reflection, sound baths, energy healing and experiential trance-journeying (experiential journeying will NOT include the use of psychedelics or any illegal substances).

As part of this certificate program, each student will develop their own customized signature program, drawing upon one's own unique healing blueprint and soul-calling.  View the 4-day schedule by clicking on button below.

To register for the Post-Conference Certificate Program

  1. Click the "Register Now" button below.
  2. Choose the "Full Program Pass" option which includes both your conference pass AND 4-day certificate program 



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  2. Choose the "Conference Pass" option
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Frequently Asked Questions

Although the focus of this conference is Mind-Body-Spirit Psychotherapy, we welcome ALL who feel called to this gathering.  Together, each one of us has a role to play in building a transformation-based model for mental health and addictions care  -- one that is built on LOVE; one that celebrates the human spirit; one that normalizes spiritual journeys of trauma recovery even when they look messy; one that de-pathologizes expressions of the hero's journey and ultimately, serves in the beautiful process of consciousness-shifting and awakening (because isn't it about time?) 

CE hours for the Sedona Post-Conference program have been pre-approved for accreditation hours within the Integrative Psychotherapist Certification program of Daybreak's Sophia School.  Daybreak training and conferences have also been pre-approved for Continuing Education credits by many professional organizations including the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA).  CEU verification documents are provided to all attendees for your continuing competency and CE records. Please check with your regulatory or credentialing body for more information.

If you need to cancel (for any reason), you will be provided with a voucher that you can use for any Daybreak event or training (including any of the yearly conferences anywhere in the world, online certificate programs, and/or ANY online or in-person training events).  No expiry date for voucher -- it can be redeemed anytime to join in any Daybreak training or event (but no cash refunds will be given).  You'll also be given access to the 2-day conference recordings and all e-materials and handouts, along with lifetime community e-board access.

We are a tiny, community-based collective fuelled purely by the intentions and amazing creatrix magic of a small group of therapy practitioners.

Thank you so much for your support of Daybreak Therapy and Training.  We do honestly depend completely on your loving donations and innerstanding on this policy which allows us to in turn provide an expression venue and fair wage platform to all of our world-changing, consciousness-shifting teachers, healers and consultants who live true to their soul callings.  

See you in Sedona ♥️

No.  The post-conference certificate includes an all-access pass to the entire conference.  How much or how little you use the all-access pass is up to you.  ALL attendees receive access to e-recordings of the full 2-day conference (whether or not you attend), plus conference bag with all conference resources, books and clinical tools.

Our venue for this event is the Marriott Courtyard located in West Sedona, surrounded by easy-access hiking trails and majestic beauty -- about a 10 minute drive from the town centre.  There are many nearby hotels and AirBnB locations within walking or short driving distance.  Due to high season, we cannot offer any special pricing for stays at the event venue.  However, all Daybreak Conference attendees who stay at the Marriott will be offered a VIP guest experience that includes 6 month post-conference access to 1-800 clinical consultation line (for 1:1 clinical consultations with regulated supervisory psychotherapy consultant related to mind-body-spirit psychotherapy), and 24/7 access to the Daybreak concierge team and small on-site networking groups.  More details provided upon registration.

Yes.  You can contact Anna to arrange your instalment payment plan:  Anna@DaybreakTherapy.ca

Yes!  Upon registration, you'll be given access to a confidential room-mate share service, and an electronic discussion board for all Sedona Conference attendees.

Register Now

Due to space limitations and rules for maximum attendees, this conference will sell out.  Please note that we have a maximum capacity of 40 student spots for the post-conference 4-day certification program.  We're happy to be delivering our sacred event at a smaller venue conducive to small group learning and heart-based networking.  

Conference Pass

$777 CAD No tax added
  • ✔️ Full access to 2-Day conference: Oct.12th & 13th, 2024
  • ✔️ Full access to Sacred Red-Rock Journeying Experience
  • ✔️ Take-Home Resource: Best Practices & Guidelines for Integrative Psychotherapy
  • ✔️ Take-Home Resource: Best Practices & Guidelines for Inner Child Work and Timeline Journeying
  • ✔️ Therapist Library-Bag: includes copy of Dr. Tsafrir's NEW BOOK: Sacred Psychiatry
  • ✔️ Conference Discussion E-Board access & confidential room-mate/BnB-share matching service
  • ✔️ Includes lunch on both days

Full Program Pass

$1449 CAD No tax added
  • ✔️ All features of Conference Pass PLUS:
  • ✔️ Full access to 4-Day post-conference training program: Oct.14th-17th, 2024


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