It's time for a NEW EARTH model of Psychotherapy.  Join our 2021 Mind-Body-Spirit Conference.  

Sedona Creative Life Center / December 17th & 18th, 2021 

Sedona, Arizona

Join us in Sedona, Arizona

Sedona Creative Life Center

December 17th and 18th, 2021

Matt Kahn, Keynote Faculty

Matt will be leading us in a teaching entitled 5D Consciousness In The Counselling Room.

Light Workers Come In Many Forms. Therapist Is One Of Them.

Our Conference is put on by and for mental health clinicians who long to return our profession to where it began: with a focus on mind-body-spirit healing.

We are a growing international community of counselling practitioners who are committed to spiritual evolution, consciousness raising, and LOVE based psychotherapy.

The Sedona 2-day Conference and post-conference workshops focus on the integration of evidence-based, trauma-informed therapies within a psycho-spiritual framework to help us in the process of what Matt Kahn refers to as "anchoring in the light" for the planet.

This Conference will be run as a smaller group setting venue, and is available ONLY to members of Daybreak's Mastermind Program: Depth Mastery In Psychotherapy.



A Mastermind Community

This Conference is part of the annual offerings available exclusively to our Daybreak Mastermind community: Depth Mastery In Psychotherapy.  A lifetime VIP membership ensures ongoing inspiration, support and clinical mentorship in a depth-oriented approach to clinical counselling.

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A Sacred Soul Circle

Throughout the year, members of our Mastermind Community meet both online and in-person.  In addition to our Sedona Conference, we gather for sacred soul circles (optional) each year to share wisdom and join in professional development with like-hearted lightworkers.

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A Transformation

This is not just about a Conference, it's about transforming the way you do therapy.  Your lifetime membership in our School of Depth Mastery provides you access to ALL of our conferences (including Sedona 2021) along with up-close teachings, QandA sessions, and/or on-demand deep dives with innovators in the realms of spirituality, psychotherapy, social work, psychology and medicine.


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Our Conference Schedule will be ready in Summer, 2021.  Meanwhile, feel free to contact us anytime with any questions.