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Mind-Body-Spirit Clinician

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Dr. Daitch discusses not only her best-selling books, but also the holistic approaches she takes in her psychology practice.

Farzana Doctor discusses spiritual guidance that is integrated in both her psychotherapy practice and in her award-winning novels.

Dr. Gabor Maté discusses his view-points on the concept of an awakened therapist.

DeeAnna Nagel discusses the topic of Merging Intuition & Sound Ethical Practice.

Coaching Calls

A group mastermind coaching call and meditation on your unique healing signature.  Shine it out, baby!

A 2018 coaching call on a trauma-informed framework in holistic psychotherapy.

A small group coaching and working sheets on year-end planning for your integrative psychotherapy practice.

A coaching call on the Case of Linda and holistic anxiety/trauma work

Coaching call from December 2018

Coaching call from January 2019

A coaching call on a psycho-spiritual approach to depth work and regression

Coaching call 2019

Coaching call 2019

Integrative Tools and Resources

A coaching session on Daybreak's Best Practice Guidelines for integrative psychotherapy practices.

An affect regulation tool for clients.  Shared with permission from Dr.Carolyn Daitch

A meditative or hypnotic script for "heavy hand" somatic reflections

A sample intake form from Daybreak Clinic re: integrative psychotherapy practices.

A sample mindfulness resource guide for clients.

Information on PEACEful parenting for mindful approaches to paediatric anxiety

Script can be used for clinical hypnosis or deep meditative reflection in integrative psychotherapy practices.

Script can be used in hypnosis or deep meditation as resource for teaching mindfulness strategies.


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Information on PEACEful parenting for mindful approaches to paediatric anxiety