C.Hyp Master Clinician -- Deep Dive Class:


January, 2019

Watch REPLAY below, and SCROLL DOWN for the following class hand-outs:

  • The Case of Jackie
  • Metta trance visualization script
  • Energetic Pathway Protocol (EPP) Regression script
  • Leaves In The River script

Highlights of video below:

  • Overview of ACT -- around the 5:19 mark of video
  • Trance can be used to teach mindfulness -- around the 11:58 mark of video
  • Reflection demo of TBMI (trance-meditation demo) -- around 19:11 mark of video
  • The problem is always avoidance -- around the 55:34 mark of video
  • The Case of Jackie (case study overview) -- around the 1:05:28 mark of video
  • Success with homework -- around the 1:20:18 mark of video