LOVE-Based Psychotherapy

The Therapy Process In Times of Spiritual Awakening

Daybreak E-Conference Workshop with: Shelley Klammer, MTC, RCS

November 6th, 2020


Scroll down to watch the video below for these highlights

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  • Shelley's spiritual awakening story  -- skip to around the 2:32 mark of video
  • Sensing ego structures vs. soul in therapy  -- skip to around the 8:40  mark of video
  • Loving neglected selves -- skip to around the 20:35  mark of video
  • The steps for love-based psychotherapy -- skip to around the 41:37 mark of video
  • 3 steps for connecting cognitive and neglected selves -- skip to around the 55:30 mark of video
  • Empaths and shadow work -- skip to around the 1:11:04 mark of video