Liberate Your Potential™

Coaching That Inspires And Uplifts

Create a belief system that WORKS for you.  Discover your unique healing signature for self-renewal.  Develop action steps that lift you out of the same old stumbling blocks.  Align with your most EMPOWERED life-path.





Liberate Your Potential™ is a coaching program for mind-body-spirit wellness. You will learn how to:


Clarify highest timeline goals according to YOUR soul signature & life-path;

Create programming to over-ride unconscious, outdated, habituated patterns;

Design a cherished living blueprint for NEW BELIEFS and action steps;

Anchor in commitment guideposts & motivational milestones for the journey.




As a Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist, Karen uses an integrative coaching framework that includes:

• Trance Work and Clinical Hypnosis

• Behavioural and solution-focused coaching

• Mindfulness and psycho-spiritual intervention


Depending on your belief system, coaching sessions may draw upon Law of Attraction teachings; ascension and consciousness expansion practices; depth and inquiry meditation principles; and wisdom teachings according to your own faith-based traditions.

Structure and Fees For Coaching Appointments

Depending on your goals, you may wish to book one power session (for highly focused goal setting) OR you might prefer a 3-session package (for ongoing coaching in one particular area). 



Power Session (2 hour appointment) $200 CAD


3-Session Program (1 hour per session / 3 hours total) $360 CAD 


After each power session or 3-session program, you will be able to determine if you would then like to purchase any further coaching.  Generally, people find that a 3-6 session program provides noticeable change in life direction, enhanced clarity and a strong sense of accomplishment.

We review your overall goals prior to our first session together and the coaching programming is then designed around your measurable progress.     

Questions about getting started? Drop us a line to find out more!