Liberate Your Potential

A Practitioner's Guide to Shining and Prospering in the NEW EARTH economy

September 22nd and 23rd, 2021

Calling All Wellness Practitioners

We are the Wayshowers. Humanity is at a crossroads. Now is not the time to play small.

The World Needs YOU at this time of spiritual emergency.  You have an important role to play in inspiring, uplifting and leading during the awakening of a higher consciousness on the planet.  Now is the time to align with your most EMPOWERED life-path.





Liberate Your Potential MasterClass Series is for you if you’re a therapist, coach or wellness practitioner who:


  • Wants to discover, develop, deepen and use MIND-BODY-SPIRIT healing approaches; 
  • Senses that you are now in the time of a DIVINE MISSION;
  • Believes in the possibility of a NEW EARTH ECONOMY built on unity consciousness;
  • Is ready to SHINE AND PROSPER while letting go of fears that may be holding you back.


About Your Masterclass Series



Live A Purpose-Driven Mission

September 22nd, 2021 / 7:00 p.m. ET (Toronto time)

Your Host: Karen Day, Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist


In this class, you will:

• Explore the unique language and essence of your healing resonance and one-of-a-kind mission

• Discover three universal laws governing the expression (or stifling) of your unique healing signature

• Get to know your personal alignment compass that tells you when you're on purpose (and when you're not)

• Develop two concrete action steps for the integration of your soul-aligned gifts into your clinical practice  




Break Through Your Money Shadow and Thrive

September 23rd, 2021 / 7:00 p.m. ET (Toronto time)

Your Host: Mary C.Davis, Business & Inner Mastery Coach


In this class, you will:


  • Identify how the money shadow is showing up for you, including what control dramas/archetypes you may be unconsciously playing out that are keeping you from shining and fulfilling your greatest potential with your work;


  • Discern the deeper, underlying polarity patterns, emotions and beliefs that are driving these control dramas/archetypes;



  • Experience a process that will engage your brainwaves to release and reconcile these patterns; and


  • Learn how to bring more ease, peace, flow and energetic balance into your relationship with yourself and money, so you can prosper while using your healing signature and have a greater impact on your clients, community and the world.

About Your Masterclass Facilitators

Mary C. Davis, Business & Inner Mastery Coach is the founder of Success Through Peace & Inspiration™. She helps wellness professionals, leaders and small business owners achieve their goals and fulfill their visions with ease. She is the creator of the Birthing the New Earth Economy Circle, The Money Shadow & Prosperity Consciousness Breakthrough Group and several business development programs.

Karen Day, Registered Social Worker is the President of Daybreak Therapy and Training, and founder of the international Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist (C.Hyp™) Certificate program.  She also maintains a private practice in the Toronto area, specializing in mind-body-spirit psychotherapy.


Karen and Mary are THRILLED to be leading this collaborative project, and they recently talked at length about the issues you'll be delving into when you join in this upcoming Masterclass series:

Click above to hear Mary and Karen discuss how:

  • Mind-Body-Spirit Healers are needed NOW: 0:17  mark of video
  • Shadow programming keeps us small: 3:45 mark of video
  • We are creating the new earth economy: 5:32 mark of video
  • Soul mission & your healing signature are aligned: 9:50 mark
  • We sometimes are re-traumatizing ourselves: 16:10 mark 
  • Prosperity consciousness is key for healing practitioners: 21:07 mark 
  • The divine feminine works with the Law of Attraction: 24:20 mark

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