7-Day Reset & Sacred Soul Mission Deep Dive

A Depth-Journeying Intensive For Healers and Wayshowers

Bliss Haven Retreat Centre

Dunnville, Ontario

July 22nd-29th, 2022


Journey <> Remember <> Heal

Join in a lightworker gathering of healers, trauma clinicians and wayshowers

Whether you're a healing professional, soul-focused leader or someone seriously committed to the awakening path:

Delve deeply into the remembrance of your soul mission, and give yourself the gift of a 7-day journeying intensive.  We promise that you'll enjoy protected time and space for creative transformation, as you experience:

  • The combination of a Professional Development CE event and journeying retreat with a specialized focus on trance-work and the role of non-ordinary states of consciousness in trauma healing and transcendence


  • A spectacular class-room setting that stands in the midst of a profound healing vortex...a true hidden treasure in Ontario!


  • Collegial meals with fellow therapists, healers and soul-focused leaders -- share ideas while being inspired by the beauty and energy of the land


  • Formal CE teaching circles interspersed with sacred ceremony, sound baths, energy healing and plenty of personal integration time

Join in CommUNITY Ceremony & Training

“This training retreat was among the best I have ever experienced."

(Kali Munro, RSW - Toronto)

"It was a “game changer” for me. I was inspired to make major changes in my life and business, and will always be grateful."  

(Naureen Shah, Coach)

"This training not only inspired me to become a greater social worker but inspired my soul to move forward in directions I never thought were possible." 

(Leigh Simpson, MSW)

What's Included

Your 7-Day Journeying Intensive includes:

  • 7 nights accommodation on-site
  • All meals and snacks, juices and elixers (gourmet vegan buffet style, with many healing options and accommodations available)
  • Group teaching circles: On the CE / Educational topics of: the role of non-ordinary states of consciousness in trauma healing and transcendence; guidelines for psychedelic and/or shamanic assisted therapy; overview of plant medicine (with special focus on psilocybin) in the context of treatment-resistant trauma recovery work.
  • Group integration and healing circles: Soul Mission Deep Dive explorations
  • Three sacred ceremony evenings dedicated to mind-body-spirit integration
  • Group vortex meditation at nearby Rock Point Provincial Park
  • Reset and recalibration-focused medicinal healing for healers, woven throughout retreat experience:  sound baths; Reiki and energy medicine; cacao elixers and ayurvedic tinctures and juices; medicine walks
  • 1:1 and Group Hypnotherapy Sessions offered daily
  • Pre and Post Retreat 1:1 and group coaching: grounding your intention, stepping into your soul mission and awakening journey
  • Access to a 1-800 number for clinical consultation and ongoing support in your journey of depth-healing for self, others and the planetary collective (for 2 months following your journeying and PD intensive)
  • 20 hours CEU certificate of completion (optional) in Transcendence Healing & Integrative Depth Work

Your Schedule

Friday July 22nd: Arrival Day /Meet and Greet, settle in / Group Welcome dinner at 6:00 p.m.

Saturday July 23rd: Morning teaching circle / afternoon Intention gathering / Evening Sacred Ceremony #1

Sunday July 24th:  Silent meditation morning / afternoon sharing and integration circle / Evening free

Monday July 25th: Morning teaching circle / afternoon free for reflection and reset activities* / Evening Sacred Ceremony #2

Tuesday July 26th: Silent meditation morning / afternoon sharing and integration circle / Evening free

Wednesday July 27th:  Morning free /afternoon teaching circle / Evening Sacred Ceremony #3

Thursday July 28th:  Morning free/ afternoon free for reflection and reset activities*/ Sundown sound healing & sharing codes

Friday July 29th: Departure Day/morning trip to vortex meditation at Rock Point / Check-out: 3 p.m.


*Reflection and Reset Activities available: Optional group activities will be offered during Reflection/Reset and free time on the schedule.  Depending on the day, participants can choose: Group Reiki; Group Yoga; Group Sound Bath; Medical Qi Gong; Sacred Journey Breathwork; Soul Medicine Walk.

DAILY MEAL TIMES: Self-serve breakfast and snacks available till noon / 12:30 Lunch gathering / 6:00 p.m. Dinner gathering / Snacks and juices available throughout.

About the Location

Bliss Haven Retreat Centre is in Dunnville, Ontario - about a 2-hour drive from Toronto, in Haldimand County.  The Centre is located on over 80 acres of conservation land that is blessed with strong freedom codes, due to its historical significance as a major stop on the Canadian Underground Railroad.  Energetic healing vortex points also surround the Centre which is situated amidst ancient archaeological sites, including those linked to Paleo-Indian era settlements.  You'll also find fossils of coral reef dating back over 300 million years embedded into the area limestone.  All of nature supports, guides and activates your human spiritual journey in this POWERFUL holding place of galactic remembrance and healing.  Expect magic.

Within the Centre mansion, there are 3 large kitchens, 8 bathrooms, spacious bedrooms with large bay windows, 4 meeting rooms, a richly furnished library, reading nooks, and large living/family rooms with fireplaces and dining rooms. There are also several porches and walking trails for you to relax and immerse yourself in nature.  

During your free time at this retreat, you are welcome to stroll through the numerous beautiful landscaped lawns nestled among mature trees, water fountains, huge ponds, vegetable gardens and farms.  You might also enjoy a walk or 5-minute drive to numerous beaches.  Swimming, canoeing/kayaking, and cycling are also available to be added to your stay at the Bliss Haven Retreat Centre.

​Accommodations are located within the Bliss Haven mansion.  The mansion is fully air conditioned, and each room is uniquely appointed with its own antique charm and 19th century and Loyalist decor.

Ample free parking available on-site.

Your Deep-Dive Team

A loving facilitation and assistant team awaits your arrival.  We are here to support your 7-day reset as you dive deeply into your soul mission; explore the role of transcendence in your healing practice and/or personal lifestream; deepen your appreciation of mystical experiences in trauma work; and step more fully into your leadership as a keeper of the New Earth energies.   

Some Team Members You'll Meet...

Collectively, our team members have many years of specialization in bringing the following transformational healing arts to clients:

  • Ancient Egyptian Shamanism
  • Ayurvedic healing
  • Depth Journeying & depth-oriented psychology
  • Hypnotherapy Deep-Diving
  • Psychedelic integration and assisted therapy
  • Reiki, Qi Gong and energy medicine
  • Sacred Journeying Breathwork
  • Sound Therapy, sound healing 
  • Trancework and trauma-informed activation of non-ordinary states of consciousness in the healing process
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

Together, we bring our gifts, experiences and backgrounds to be of highest service to you during your time in retreat.

Sound Healing & Vibratory Medicine

Sound healing and vibratory medicine are integrated into your entire depth-retreat experience

Your Journeying lead, Philip Jacobs has many years of experience in integrating sound healing and journeying through his training in many protocols, including those adapted from the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Science (MAPS) and also in working side-by-side with and assisting in sacred ceremony with Daybreak faculty Dr. Gabor Maté.

Have a listen (video below) as Philip and Dr. Maté discuss core elements of the upcoming Daybreak retreat program, including:

  • Sacred sound healing and voice work
  • The mind-body-connection vis-a-vis authentic expression and release of body-stored shame
  • The internal environment of the psyche influencing somatic and medical states

Check Your Heart-Field Resonance

Are you feeling especially called to this training retreat and journey intensive?  You are lovingly invited to apply the following heart-field resonance check-in before you proceed with next steps:

Take a deep breath in and close your eyes. Relax your shoulders and sit in your most sovereign and present state.  Place your hand (or both hands) over your heart or upper heart /heart chakra area.  Ask your heart wisdom to guide you on whether or not this experience, at this time, is in your best and highest interest. 

Please note that this is a mastery level mind-body-spirit integration program.  As we will be engaging in serious depth-inquiry, along with intensive somatic and energetic clearance and release work, it is ESSENTIAL that you have already gone through advanced self-healing from trauma (beyond safety and stabilization work), and are both comfortable and proficient in long periods of depth meditation, mind-body presence, and heart-to-heart relational space holding/consciousness.

Your liberation awaits past the final fear gateway

This 7-day reset is NOT for people just beginning on their spiritual awakening journey (it will be too overwhelming).  This program is also not appropriate for anyone currently experiencing acute addictions, crisis, mental health issues, or unresolved trauma patterns.

Please be advised in advance that this is a meat-free and alcohol-free retreat, and we will be advising on suggested pre-retreat detox protocols for somatic, emotional and mental preparation, prior to your arrival.  You walk on sacred ground when you come to this gathering.   For your own psychological safety and well-being, we ask that you sincerely follow your heart-wisdom along with a quick check that you authentically meet the conditions necessary for your most meaningful interactions with mystical experiences, transcendence explorations and depth-journeying.