Mind-Body-Spirit Psychotherapy

Become certified as an Integrative Psychotherapist.  Be on our Founders Team for Daybreak's first SOPHIA School of Psychotherapeutic, Hypnotherapeutic & Integrative Arts

Choose Your Specialization

Our unique integrative approach to holistic psychotherapy training includes your immersion placement in ONE OR MORE of the following SPECIALTY STREAMS:

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Meditation and yoga concept



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Earn Your Integrative Psychotherapist Certification

As a student of the SOPHIA school, you have lifetime access to ALL of our specialty certification courses (but only ONE specialty stream is required for your completion of the Integrative Psychotherapist certification).

Students graduate with an Integrative Psychotherapist certification AND at least one Medial Specialization certificate in either Sound Healing & Energy Medicine In Psychotherapy; Yoga & Somatic Healing In Psychotherapy; or Plant Medicine & Sacred Ceremony in Psychotherapy.

Lightworkers come in many forms. Psychotherapist is one of them.

Length of Program / ONLINE FORMAT

This program is designed as a 3-year part-time studies program (or 2-year fast track for those with pre-existing clinical hours).  However, accommodations for five-year completions and longer are provided, if needed.  Most students will complete the program in the following format:

  • 3 semesters per year (summer off) with 10-12 week online semesters.  The third year of studies is a designated clinical practicum year 


  • Self-paced completion of online hours, ranging from an average of 4-8 hours per week (with options for more or less hours per week, depending on pacing preferences). There are also frequent opportunities provided for in-person healing intensives and in-person placement immersion weeks through partner clinics and SOPHIA retreat centres located in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Canada 


As a FOUNDERS TEAM MEMBER, you have lifetime access to all courses and specialty certifications to enjoy at your leisure.  You can be involved in as little or as much of the program studies as you wish.  

depth oriented

Some Program Highlights

  • Program focus on Mind-Body-Spirit Psychotherapy and Depth-Healing within an integrative framework


  • Theoretical underpinnings in Ericksonian and Transpersonal psychotherapeutic studies built into entire curriculum


  • Specialty integration certification streams include: Sound Healing & Energy Medicine In Psychotherapy; Yoga & Somatic Healing In Psychotherapy; and/or Plant Medicine & Sacred Ceremony in Psychotherapy


  • Healing Intensives and immersive placements provided for students at SOPHIA centre retreat locations in Costa Rica, Mexico, Toronto, and Vancouver



Some Course Menu Highlights

In addition to ongoing Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy and foundational studies in psychotherapy, students will choose from a menu of courses that will be aligned with their chosen medial specialization stream.  Some of our courses include:

  • Inner Child and Parts Work in Psychotherapy
  • Trauma Healing in Mind-Body-Spirit Modalities
  • Integrative Psychotherapy and Personal Healing Signature
  • Somatic and Yogic Pathways to Trauma Work
  • Ericksonian and Transpersonal Psychotherapy
  • Adjunct Medicine & Legislative Compliance
  • Plant Medicine in Trauma-Informed Psychotherapy
  • Therapeutic Guidance in Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy
  • Sound & Energy Healing in Depth-Oriented Psychotherapy

Love is the most powerful medicine on the planet.  Love has to lead the Psychotherapy process for a true shift in consciousness.


"Never doubt that a small group of committed individuals can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." (Margaret Mead)

You're committed to a consciousness-raising approach to psychotherapy AND you feel called to help build this program while you also participate in it. You're part of a pioneering, love-based, small-but-mighty group! 

We believe in the power of commUNITY. Together, we're creating a groundbreaking transformational program that we'll look back upon as our contribution to making the world a more beautiful place.  We're envisioning and manifesting a new frontier for psychotherapeutic education that awakens healer consciousness and moves us collectively from trauma-based wounding to sovereignty-based empowerment...so that we ALL can cherish life so much more than we fear it.   



As a THANK YOU for your one-time Founders Team Membership donation, you now have access to:

  • Lifetime access to all components of the Integrative Psychotherapist certification program (join in as little as you like, or register in the full certification cohort).  Yes, you can receive the full 3-year Psychotherapist program certification for $1111 CAD.  We want to honour your heart's calling to be part of our start-up crew 🙂


  • 3 sessions with a  1:1 Founders Team consultant to establish your Healing Signature Founder's Contribution to our program (this might be through a paid position on our initial supervisory or consultation faculty team, a featured applied research project for our upcoming Mind-Body-Spirit journal, filling an advisory board vacancy, co-facilitating an upcoming SOPHIA School Healing Intensive, or any other endeavour that is aligned with your highest calling).  Let's get your healing offering out to the world!


  • Full access to all SOPHIA centre planning retreats and initiatives (see calendar below)


  • Featured recognition in the SOPHIA school's program calendar


  • Founder's Team listing on our new school's directory.  Your listing will include a 3-5 minute video, along with an overview of your services and your unique healing signature (with link to your website).  It's time to fully step into and truly shine out your leadership ❤️




September 2023:  Founders Team formed and welcomed

October 2023: Launch of 1:1 Healing Signature Quarterly Consultations with Founders Team members 

November 25th and 26th, 2023: First Founders Planning & Healing Signature Retreat: SOPHIA Centre Mexico location (Sayulita, Mexico)

January, 2024: Official public notice opens: SOPHIA Centre Integrative Psychotherapist certification program (for Jan.2025 cohort)

February 26th & 27th, 2024: Founders Planning & Healing Signature Retreat: SOPHIA Centre Costa Rica location (Tamarindo, Costa Rica)

April/May 2024: Early Bird registration window opens

May 30th and 31st, 2024: Founders Planning & Healing Signature Retreat: SOPHIA Centre Vancouver location (Vancouver, British Columbia)

June 11th and 12th, 2024: Founders Planning & Healing Signature Retreat: SOPHIA Centre Toronto location (Toronto, Ontario)

July/August 2024: Course calendar ready; all course outlines, etc.

August/September, 2024: Full registration window opens

October 12th/13th, 2024: SOPHIA Launch Conference (with pre and post-conference CE activities) / Sedona, Arizona

January 11th,, 2025: Classes begin on 1/11/25 (gotta love that numerology, are you guys catching this??!)

Jan/Feb 2025: School directory and faculty team highlights ready / founders team web-page and integrated SOPHIA website


*Join in as much or as little as desired.  You are welcome to attend all the Founders Planning & Healing Signature Retreats, if you wish.  We'll be livestreaming the "dreamstorming" portions of our planning retreats, so that those who can't attend in-person can join online and/or watch recordings and receive highlights/updates, and invitations for advisory input via email.