Advanced Clinical Hypnosis Online Training

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 Deepen and Advance Your Clinical Hypnosis Skills

This course is for counselling professionals who already have foundational skills in clinical hypnosis.  The focus is on the integration of advanced hypnosis into your clinical practice, with specific emphasis on trance-based interventions for anxiety, pain management, trauma and addictions.  Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge regarding inductions and  the application of clinical hypnosis in psychotherapy.

Learning Outcomes

You will learn how to weave hypnotic interventions with integrative and mindfulness-based psychotherapy. The course is student-directed, allowing you to go at your own pace with completing each lesson.  In depth clinical discussions take place regarding hypnotherapy work with:

  • Anxiety
  • Pain management
  • Trauma
  • Habits and Addictions

We explore the subject of hypnosis in motivational counselling, and provide an overview of a smoking cessation program.  Case studies are examined, including a detailed case study on OCD and clinical hypnosis.  Other advanced dyadic topics include ego state interventions and “parts therapy.”

You will receive:

  • Over 10 hours of video-taped class lessons (to watch at your own self-directed pace)
  • Lesson hand-outs
  • Programming Guidelines
  • Client forms and work-sheets
  • Case Studies


A basic understanding of clinical counselling hypnotherapy is assumed in the delivery of this course.


Module 1 - Working with Anxiety

Using the Case of Janet, guidelines are provided for clinical hypnosis interventions with the presentation of anxiety.  Various trance interventions are explained in detail vis-a-vis targeted skills teachings for clients including: strengthening of self-concept; worry tool-kit; and externalization of worry.  Homework exercises are brainstormed in the context of post-hypnotic work for strengthening suggestions.