Daybreak Clinical Supervision - Certificate Program

Clinical Supervisor: Mind-Body-Spirit Approaches

Calling All Mind-Body-Spirit Practitioners

Become an Approved Consultant or Supervisor with Daybreak Therapy & Training

An increasing number of mental health professionals and psychotherapists in training are seeking an approach to clinical mentorship that honours mind-body-spirit approaches in the therapeutic process.

Are you feeling the call to provide clinical supervision and/or consultation services to clinicians who are aligned with a psycho-spiritual healing framework?


As a healing professional with not just years but also layers of hard-earned in-the-therapy-room experience, YOU now have an important role to play in inspiring, uplifting and leading others.  

About The Program and Joining Our Team


Join Daybreak Training’s NEW certificate program to delve into best practices in clinical supervision and coaching, as especially tailored to the Mind-Body-Spirit clinician.

Upon the successful completion of your 30 hour online training and subsequent case study and consultative reflection submission requirements, you will be added to our team of approved Supervisors and/or Consultants. 

As part of this certificate program, you will learn about:

  • A supervision philosophy and framework that merges current models with both Ericksonian and Transpersonal psychotherapy principles for personal growth and transcendence-focused clinical mentorship


  • The legal, regulatory and professional landscapes that must guide your clinical supervision or clinical coaching of practitioners who are committed to mind-body-spirit approaches


  • Ethics and clinical competency issues as they relate to your personal self-leadership and the integration of personal transformation into your supervision or clinical mentorship practice


  • Key skill sets for case conceptualization, consultations, clinical inquiry and supervisee coaching 


Be part of Daybreak's Offerings to the world: A growing number of new students are currently enrolled in our various professional development offerings (including hypnotherapy certification).  As part of their certification process, students require access to a clinical supervisor or consultant (depending upon unique clinical needs and reporting requirements of each student).  That's where you come in.  As an approved member of the Daybreak mentorship team, you'll be part of our internal referral network.


Our Approved Clinical Consultants are just as important as Daybreak approved supervisory faculty:  While we do receive many requests for clinical supervision in psychotherapy, we ALSO receive requests (nationally and internationally) for clinical mentorship from holistic counselling and coaching professionals, many whom are just starting out, and are seeking consultation from experienced mind-body-spirit practitioners. 

For this reason, our Clinical Consultant faculty team includes energy therapists, transformational coaches and holistic wellness practitioners.  This team is central to the work of Daybreak Therapy and Training services.


Pre-Requisite for Course:  To be eligible for this course, you must have a strong inner call to lead with love. 

Pre-Requisites for Directory Listing and Daybreak Approved certification:  Following your completion of the course and certificate requirements (including 8 practicum/case study hours and 4 hours supervision), you may also be eligible for membership in our Network of Approved Supervisor and Consultant faculty, as follows:

Pre-Requisites for Daybreak Approved Consultant:

  • Successful completion of course AND all certificate requirements (including case studies and supervision)

Pre-Requisites for Daybreak Approved Clinical Supervisor:

  • Successful completion of course AND all certificate requirements (including case studies and supervision)
  • Post-graduate degree and five years experience in psychotherapy

Register For The Program

Registration into this program is by invitation only.  Our supervision & mentorship certification is integrated into mastery level depth-oriented courses and events offered by Daybreak Therapy and Training.  Upon invitation into this program, you will receive instant access to a self-directed 30 hours of online classes with additional access to live coaching and 1:1 consultation with Kaia Day and/or a member of our clinical mentorship team, as you complete your certification requirements.

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