Refresher Intensive for Mental Health Professionals

Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy - Practice Immersion 

Need More Practice Time? We've Got You Covered!

You already have your foundational training in Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy.  But, you're just not PRACTICING as much as you'd like.  Don't worry, we get it.  For a wide variety of reasons, people sometimes fall off the clinical hypnotherapy band-wagon.  You've seen results, you KNOW this is a powerful integrative tool in psychotherapy, and you also feel deep-down that you need just a bit more practice, practice, practice.

We put together this Refresher Intensive just for you!

Join us in Cabo San Lucas in 2019 to enjoy  “refresher” classes while also being part of a beach-side practical immersion group of students.  You'll be with colleagues who already have the basics, and are giving themselves the gift of more hands-on application learning time.

You’ll be practicing off-script and in small groups, writing your own inductions and developing customized programs. Your instructor will help you build up the confidence you need through in-depth case reviews and an analysis of hypnotic strategies you’re using now.  You’ll be feeling super-charged in your skill development and beaming with confidence faster than you can say Cabo San Lucas (alright, maybe not THAT fast, but pretty quickly).

Meet us in Los Cabos for Your Refresher Intensive

This beach-side Refresher Intensive will give you the confidence-boost and practical support needed to bring fresh perspectives into your work.  You'll have opportunities for:

  • Refresher classes in all core content of the foundational certification program
  • In-depth reviews and case consultations on your personal progress, challenges and needs
  • Small group practice for customized program and script writing
  • More practice time for off-script induction approaches and step-by-step session procedures
  • Small group integration opportunities for putting sessions together
  • Guidelines for integrating Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy with your preferred therapeutic modalities

....and much more!