Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy 

Introduction & Overview Classes

Welcome to the World of Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy

By clicking on the buttons below, you'll be guided to a series of foundational classes on Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy.  You can also click on our recommended foundational text-book to get you started on your deep dive into the art and science of integrative trance-work in the healing process.


Introduction to Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy

Highlights of E-Class below:


  • The miracle of mindful hypnotherapy -- click at around the 13:12 mark of video


  • Going to the therapist within -- click at around the 23:40 mark of video


  • The fear of depth-work -- click at around the 52:43 mark of video


Highlights of E-Class below:


  • Bringing in a light-hearted approach -- click at around the 23:26 mark of video


  • Negative Self-Hypnosis -- click at around the 39:34 mark of video


  • Myths and Realities. -- click at around the  29:07 mark of video


  • Formal Definitions -- click at around the  45:55 mark of video

Hypnotherapy & The Hero's Journey

Highlights of E-Class below:


  • Overview of the Hero's Journey: starts around the 17:00 mark of video


  • Dark Night of the Soul: starts around the 34:40 mark of video


  • Personal Reflection Questions: starts around the 48:30 mark of video


  • When a Client Does Not Answer the Call: starts around the 1:08:50 mark of video


  • Hypnotic Suggestions Along The Hero's Journey: starts around the 1:26:30 mark of video



The Regression Session

Highlights of E-Class below:


  • Regression does not always include formal hypnosis:  Go to around 9:45 mark of video


  • Regression is a re-visitation to a frame of consciousness: Go to around 23:17 mark of video


  • The cycle of unconscious regression: Go to around 36:00 mark of video


  • Regression and the hero's journey: Go to around 59:15 mark of video