A Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist is a mental health professional with expertise in the clinical application of hypnosis in psychotherapy.

At Daybreak, our network of Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist (C.Hyp™) practitioners is comprised of counselling professionals who are highly trained and skilled in the integration of both clinical hypnosis and mindfulness practices in evidence-based counselling, mental health and addiction services.

In addition, C.Hyp™ therapists are dedicated to a holistic therapeutic framework that guides all the work they do. They have signed off on a service agreement that promises to deliver integrative psychotherapy in alignment with our Mission and Vision.

The Daybreak directory of Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapists includes ONLY psychotherapy professionals who have:


  • Completed a minimum of 100 hours of Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy training; AND
  • Met minimal requirements (80% pass) for the Daybreak certificate as a Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist(C.Hyp™) Practitioner; AND
  • Completed a 4 year degree (minimum) in psychology or a psychotherapy related field; AND
  • Demonstrated evidence of annual professional development in clinical hypnotherapy for continuing competency as a C.Hyp™ professional; AND
  • Shown evidence of good standing with a regulatory, licensing or credentialing body in psychology or a psychotherapy-related and/or medicine related field.

We encourage you to find a qualified and dedicated Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist in your area by using our international directory.

Please note: Our Public Directory includes only those C.Hyp™ professionals who have given permission to be listed on the public directory.  If you cannot find a Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist in your geographical area, contact us, so that we can help connect you with someone in your area who has expertise that matches your therapeutic needs and preferences.