Clarity Quest 2024

A Deep-Dive Intensive For Healing & Growth

Create a belief system that WORKS for you.  Discover your unique self-healing system for transforming longstanding and trauma-based patterns into liberated potential.  Develop action steps that lift you out of the same old stumbling blocks.  Align with your most EMPOWERED life-path.





A year-long 1:1 and small group intensive dedicated to clarity-focusing and embodiment of your highest growth trajectory.  

What's Included:

  • Eight 1:1 consultation sessions (online)
  • Eight hours of OPTIONAL Small Group-Study & Support Workshops (online)
  • Healing half-day 1:1 deep-dive (in-person OR online)





Clarify highest timeline goals according to YOUR unique path;

Create new programming to over-ride unconscious and outdated patterns;

Design a cherished living blueprint for NEW BELIEFS and action steps;

Anchor in commitment guideposts & motivational milestones for the journey.

More About Your Clarity-Quest Intensive


As a Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist, my style of integrative depth-journeying guidance includes:

  • Trance Work and Clinical Hypnosis or Depth-meditations 
  • Clarity-Quest coaching
  • Parts work and/or energy medicine, individualized for your journey

For over twenty years, I have been committed to the integration of evidence-based therapy, training and coaching with the ages-old wisdom of ancient psycho-spiritual healing traditions and practices.



Get Ready For A Personal Healing Experiential: In the spirit of your own hero's journey, you'll be given the option to explore a highlighted personal or professional area of growth or healing in your own lifestream.  This area of focus could be anything from professional development visions to your individual physical or mental health issues, or areas of personal beliefs/blocks to change.  Starting in the new year, you'll be guided through a deep-dive customized program (which may include parts work, clinical hypnosis, and energy-work), as part of your unique Clarity-Quest.  You'll also have access to a healing half-day 1:1 session to integrate all of the great work you'll be doing.  Let's make 2024 your year of GREAT CHANGE.



My inspiration for this program: I have found that when longer depth-journeying sessions are combined with an intensive and individualized "deep dive" style of laser focused short-term coaching, there is often a rapid and measurable acceleration in client progress regarding experiences of transformation and transcendence. 

Clarity Quest 2024 is open for EIGHT people only  - Registration closes Dec.15th or when all spots are filled (whichever comes first)

Questions about getting started? Drop us a line to find out more!