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Coaching Academy

For Mental Health Professionals




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Become certified as a Break The Worry Trance™ Coach with Daybreak's NEW coaching academy for mental health professionals.

Upon completion of this 40 hour CEU curriculum, you will have everything you need to bring a structured 12 hour coaching program to your clients who worry too much, including those who may be experiencing panic disorder, OCD, social anxiety, and/or excessive general anxiety and rumination. This coaching certification training is provided in a long distance format only.


Evidence-Based Treatment Meets Integrative Coaching

This program is based on Daybreak's best-selling Breaking The Worry Trance online course.  The best of outcome-oriented approaches in anxiety treatment have been put together into an integrative coaching intensive that will give your clients a step-by-step program for breakthroughs, new perspectives, and transformational change.

As a Daybreak certified Break The Worry Trance™ Coach, you'll establish your expertise as a mental health professional with a specialization in anti-anxiety coaching.  Daybreak's unique coaching program can be delivered as a stand-alone practice, and can also be integrated into your existing psychotherapy services.

What Makes This Program Special

Sometimes clients need a road-map to disrupt chronic habits and cycles of obsessive worry.  People living with serious anxiety often find themselves at an impasse wherein they find counselling too cyclical and exploratory (without enough emphasis on concrete change strategies), but conventional life coaching just too overwhelming.  Often, a well-intentioned Coach will deliver programming that fails to recognize the complexities of panic, attachment trauma, and/or serious mental health issues.  At the same time, even the most highly trained mental health professional can sometimes unknowingly reinforce long-standing avoidance patterns and/or barriers to recovery.

As a Daybreak certified coach, you'll get in-depth training on comprehensive anti-anxiety coaching strategies that offer your clients the following:

  • Strongly focused motivational work that is challenging, but also individualized and well-paced;
  • Goal-oriented programming with embedded mindfulness teachings;
  • Power-packed inspirational exercises backed up by a solid clinical framework; and
  • Recovery coaching that breaks both conscious and unconscious fear-based living patterns. 

You'll be offering a highly specialized program that is based on years of feedback from hundreds of clients who have gone through Break The Worry Trance as a key component of their healing.  We've put this feedback together into a coaching template that works.

Break The Worry Trance is NOT for everybody.  As a certified Daybreak Coach, you'll be able to effectively assess program eligibility and advise on next steps that best meet client needs.  Our 12-hour coaching template will be ideally delivered to your clients over the course of 6-8 weeks, but you can also provide this programming through a 4-5 day individual or group coaching intensive, or through weekly / bi-weekly coaching segments that are a "best fit" for your practice.  

What Your Course Includes


✔️Certification and designation as a Break The Worry Trance™ Coach (upon successful program completion)

✔️Detailed guidelines and session-by-session templates for a 12 hour coaching program (Our 12-hour framework will be run ideally as a 6-8 week coaching program, but can also be provided as a 4-5 day individual or group coaching intensive, OR in segments that are determined as a "best fit" for you and your clients) 

✔️Lifetime access to Daybreak's bi-monthly online coaching huddles (ongoing CE support)

✔️Free listing on Daybreak's Coaching Directory - lifetime listing

✔️Free coaching listing on Psychology Today in your area, for 1 year*

✔️Life-time access to e-library of Break The Worry Trance coaching tools, including: session-by-session meditations, client workbook and Daybreak's Trance-breaker® Kit for coaching clients

✔️E-portal for your clients to freely access audio and visual program resources including: Daybreak's Breaking The Worry Trance online educational program

✔️Best practice guidelines for integrating coaching into your psychotherapy services

✔️Start-up kit complete with program promotional swipes, intake form, coaching contract templates, program pricing guidelines and marketing information

✔️6-month coaching consultation service through a 1-800 exclusive hotline for Break The Worry Trance™ Coaches 

✔️Life-time access to all course videos, lessons, modules and hand-outs

PLUS......your coaching clients will get lifetime access to additional and accompanying e-coaching exercises, meditations and videos (like the one below ⬇️⬇️⬇️) as they go through the program with you.


*Note: The Daybreak Coaching directory and Psychology Today listings (with guaranteed profile of each Daybreak Coach within each Coach's geographical area) will be complete in September, 2019.  

Schedule & Registration Details

Next Session Opening

Doors open once a year.  Our 2019 registration window is now open for:  July 18th-22nd, 2019

Schedule for Coaching Certificate Completion: 

Phase 1: July 18th-22nd, 2019: During this five day online intensive, we meet from 1:00 pm. - 5:30 p.m. Eastern/Toronto time.

You'll receive 4-6 hours of content each day during this live streaming week.  If your schedule doesn't allow for joining in class discussion during live streaming, video class-room content is recorded for you to keep and watch for as long as you like.

Phase 2: is self-paced, as you'll be completing an online exam and a coaching case study for submission.  You can finish up your Phase 2 training in anywhere from one week to a couple of months.

Requirements for Certification

Following the online classes (Phase 1), you will be required to complete an online exam and case study submission.

Pre-Requisite #1

This certification program is based on best practices and techniques in coaching, integrated with an evidence-based and outcome-oriented model for chronic anxiety treatment.  Each coaching module is designed for delivery within a framework of clinical excellence that recognizes and responds appropriately to the depth and complexities of living with SEVERE anxiety.  Therefore, you MUST be a regulated or registered mental health professional, trained in clinical counselling and legally permitted to practice psychotherapy or clinical counselling with persons experiencing serious anxiety and mental health issues (including panic disorder and OCD) in your region.

Pre-Requisite #2

You must have completed Daybreak's Breaking The Worry Trance foundational online program in order to qualify for this certification.  If you have not yet completed this foundational online program, you will be able to do so with the complimentary online version provided to you upon registration.  Please ensure that you watch these foundational videos prior to the July classes for coaching certification.

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations made within 48 hours of purchase, full refunds will be given.  With a minimum of one week’s notice prior to course start-up, the cost of training will be refunded, minus a $150 processing and administrative /materials fee. For cancellations made with less than one week’s notice, an invitation to attend any other program training (at equivalent cost) at an alternate time/date, will be offered for no additional fee (but no cash refund will be given in these cases).

Registration Closes July 8th, 2019.

About Your Lead Instructor

Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy Webinar TrainingKaren Day is a Master’s trained Registered Social Worker specializing in holistic psychotherapy and integrative approaches to mental health. She is the President of Daybreak Therapy and Training, and has over twenty-five years of combined experience in the provision of mental health services, crisis and trauma counselling, and clinical social work practice, teaching and supervision.  Karen specializes in offering counselling and coaching services to persons experiencing severe anxiety issues including: panic, fears, phobias, and OCD.  

Karen is the author of Breaking the Worry Trance, a best-selling online educational program of Daybreak Therapy and Training.  This course has been presented to thousands not only through Daybreak, but also across various online channels including HealthMeans, Global Mind Body, and the Mindful World Summit, featuring Eckhart Tolle. Karen is Past-President of the Canadian Society of Clinical Hypnosis – Ontario Division, and continues to teach both clinical hypnosis and Ericksonian coaching to mental health professionals in the Toronto area through the Society and as adjunct faculty with the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine. 

The new Daybreak Coaching Academy is something that's been on Karen's vision board for quite some time.  For years, Daybreak colleagues and students have been asking (and asking...and asking!!)  for this program, and it's a DREAM-COME-TRUE to now be ready to teach mental health professionals about ALL of the best practices that can be delivered to clients in a step-by-step system through Break The Worry Trance™ coaching. 


$980 CAD One time fee
  • Certification as a Break The Worry Trance™ Coach
  • Detailed guidelines and session-by-session templates
  • Coaching Workbook
  • Lifetime access to ongoing CE support (bi-monthly coaching huddles)
  • Lifetime access to e-library of coaching tools
  • Free listing on Daybreak's Coaching Directory
  • Free coaching listing on Psychology Today in your area
  • E-portal for your clients to access additional and accompanying coaching resources
  • Best practice guidelines for integrating coaching into your psychotherapy services
  • Start-up kit including intake and assessment forms, coaching contract templates and client educational materials
  • 1-800 exclusive hotline for coaching consultation services
  • BONUS modules: Blending your coaching with clinical hypnosis (optional)