Break The Worry Trance. Choose Freedom.

Fear can take over and interfere with life goals in complex and multiple ways.  When people get trapped in the Worry Trance, they end up feeling held back by a central message that seems to be endlessly stuck on mental re-play:


Be Scared.  Be Careful.  Be Safe. (Repeat 50 times or more per day)


If you’re living in the Worry Trance, you know what it’s like to be making a whole LOT  of life decisions based on how to stay super careful and ultra safe.  


You also know what it’s like to be very afraid of things that for others may seem perfectly easy and normal.


If fear-based patterns are taking centre stage in your life, it means the fear principle has been guiding daily choices.  It also means that you MUST first un-learn reflexive unconscious habits that continually reinforce a state of worry and dread.


In essence, the worry trance must first be BROKEN, so that you can start practicing new anti-anxiety thinking patterns and life skills that will last a lifetime.


What Your Coaching Program Includes


  • Free and lifetime access to an e-course with lessons on the Worry Trance™ and how it manifests as Social Anxiety, Panic, Chronic Worry, Obsessions and/or Phobias.  You can view sample modules here


  • Guided Meditation and Coaching Exercises.  Your audio meditations and exercises are stored for you in your own personal e-library


  • Lessons for Manifesting Miracle-Think


  • Lessons for A Cherished Living Philosophy


  • Lessons on Re-Thinking the Thinking Traps


.....and more!