Mind-Body-Spirit Psychotherapy

What do we mean by Mind-Body-Spirit Psychotherapy?

Daybreak Therapy and Training embraces a holistic approach to clinical counselling and mental health services.  As the psychotherapy field becomes more integrative in focus, it is important to define what we mean by a three-pronged focus on the “mind” and “body” and “spirit” of people. It is impossible to separate one “mind-focused” therapy from another “body-focused” intervention. Many of the so-called third wave counselling therapies (eg: mindfulness-based interventions) do indeed integrate body, mind and spiritually focused methods of healing.


It is helpful though, to refer to a working definition of these three realms in the context of integrative psychotherapy. We view these realms as “sacred spaces” that hold keys for the individual exploration and awakening of healing.We define the 3 focus areas (mind/body/spirit) for holistically-minded psychotherapy professionals as follows:


Mind: Focusing on mental sense of well-being, as expressed through healthy thinking patterns, behaviours, and the capacity for cognitive flexibility. The therapist’s work in this area may borrow from insight oriented methods of inquiry, cognitive, behavioural and/or motivational counselling interventions, and many more.

Body: Focusing on a general sense of mind-body health, as expressed through the body’s intelligence, kinesthetic awareness, and felt sense of inner wellness. The therapist’s work in this area may involve integrating clinical counselling with somatic inquiry, body-oriented psychotherapy, yoga, and/or energy medicine interventions, along with others.

Spirit: Focusing on holistic sense of well-being, as expressed through a uniquely internal sense of deep meaning, connections, and personal life journey. The therapist’s work in this area may draw upon psycho-spiritual interventions, art therapy, logotherapy, psychodynamic therapy, and faith-based and cultural frameworks such as Buddhist Psychology, Indigenous traditional healing, and shamanic practices, to name just a few.

Special Thanks to Our Advisory 

Our working definition of mind-body-spirit psychotherapy was developed by the following members of Daybreak's Advisory Board:


❤️Graig Moriarty, RP

❤️Alison Raison, RSW

❤️Dr. Stacy Thomas, C.Psych

❤️Dr. Heidi Walk, MD