Daybreak Therapy and Training is an international network of counselling and mental health professionals offering the best in mind-body-spirit therapies.  We specialize in the integration of evidence-based psychotherapy and coaching with holistic interventions including clinical hypnosis, mindfulness and energy medicine.

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Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide transformative, leading-edge and integrative psychotherapy and counselling services.  Our vision is a joy-oriented world network of professionals who dedicate their lives to the healing of mental suffering -- in themselves first, then clients. We envision people cherishing life more than they fear it. Driving our vision is our promise to offer our clients:

  • sacred spaces for healing, growth and self-transformation
  • vibrant and creative teachings that may very well shake people out of comfort zones
  • holistic coaching, teaching and psychotherapy methods that blend traditions of excellence in both Eastern and Western approaches to mental health and mindful living
  • a heart-felt commitment to the unique psycho-spiritual journey of each client