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When Therapy Meets the SOUL

Not everyone who goes to therapy is interested in deep healing. They often want a “fix” moreso than a proverbial hero’s journey. You can’t blame them, either. We have ALL been born, raised, and indoctrinated into a world built on quick fixes, fast food, efficiency models and “how to” guides to wellness. We have all, many times, gotten ourselves lost in the mire of searching for the answer, the cure, the medicine — we look everywhere for the holy grail but inside. We look to the doctors, the experts, the self-help books, the teachers….and yes, we look to the therapists.



That's the question that came up in a recent interview with Daybreak faculty, Dr. Stacy Thomas.

Dr. Thomas helped us to reflect on what we mean by transcendence-focused psychotherapy, and how consciousness raising can be integrated into psychology and the healing arts.

Light-Worker's Guide to Psychotherapy

If you're interested in a NEW EARTH approach to PSYCHOTHERAPY, watch this recent FREE class from the 2020 Daybreak E-Conference.

Are you a therapist wanting to integrate consciousness-raising into your SOUL-FOCUSED clinical practice? In this online talk, you'll get a chance to reflect on timelines, holistic mental health practices, and a psycho-spiritual approach to yourself, your clients, and at the planetary level.

Liberate Your Potential

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Depth Mastery In Psychotherapy

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The New Year's Choice

"To change something, build a new model that

makes the existing model obsolete."

- R.Buckminster Fuller

Cheers to the makers of the new. You know who you are.

You who have made the sacred choice.


We've got work to do, dear ones.

Lightwork that is. Let's do this.

With Love and Blessings for your 2021,

Karen xoxo

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